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The Pastoral Vision Council is convened every five years to advise the pastor on the vision and priorities of the Cathedral parish.  Recently, Father Ryan convened a new Pastoral Vision Council to chart our course for 2021-2026.  Read the current vision statement here.

2021-2026 Members

Dan Hsieh
John Kemnetz
Lisa Matchette
Miguel Smith
Jessica Ly
Joy Sherman
Joyce MorkO’Brien
Michelle Maher
Bob Clifford
Blake Steller
JoAnn Melina Lopez
Maria Laughlin (staff facilitator)

2015-2020 Members

Natasha Coleman-McDonald
Reza Macaraeg Cueto
Joel Flugstad
Timothy Gately
Helen Goehring
Anna Horton
Peggy Jarrett
Jijo Jose
Joao Paolo Prado
Joseph Roberts
Alice Ryan
Josephine Tamayo Murray
Judith Walker
Rex Wardlaw
Patrick White
Maria Laughlin (staff)
Chris Koehler (facilitator)

2010-2015 Members

Laura Manns Arcuino
Angela Arralde
John Eshelman
Luisa Gass
Maria Laughlin (staff)
Glenn Lux
GiGi Nguyen
Susan Patella
Patty Repikoff
Julia Richardt
Mark Schoen
Nathan Standifer
David Unger

2005-2010 Members

Fred Armstrong
Jeannie Armstrong
Fely Belleza
Scout Colmant
Carolyn Graves
Anna Horton
Mark Leahy
Kathy Lewis
Odetta Owen Ling
Louise Marley
Bill McJohn
David Murphy
Jackie O'Ryan
Florence Peterschmidt
Patty Bowman (staff)
Larry Brouse (staff)
Corinna Laughlin (staff)
Maria Laughlin (staff)
James Savage (staff)


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