I sought him whom my heart loves...

Song of Songs 3:1

At St. James Cathedral we celebrate the Song of Songs with a festival of music and art in May, 2010.

For some, the Song of Songs is simply a celebration of human love in splendid poetry.  For others, it is an allegory of the love of God for the human soul.  For still others, it is a cultic poem, with imagery drawn from the fertility rites of the ancient Middle East.  In spite of this multiplicity of views and interpretations, the Song of Songs has remained firmly ensconced in the Biblical canon for Jews and Christians, both Catholics and Protestants.

The Song of Songs is a dramatic poem, in which different voices are heard; a poem that moves from longing, to union, to loss, to discovery, as bride and bridegroom alternately sing of the beauty of the beloved, of the delights of love, and of the glory of chastity.

Detail of South Transept Stained Glass Window. Charles Connick, 1916-1917.