Morning, O glorious God! Once again you bring us
morning! With dawn your whole creation is renewed;
with glad hearts we step again onto our pilgrim’s path
as you lead us into marvelous light. Lead us, O Lord,
and guide us; not only to beauty, to wonders of prayer
in song, but to righteousness for your name’s sake,
to humility, to charity, to love.


O God, our Help, we ask: do pilgrims tire? Yes, often.
But Your Son speaks gently to us: "Take another step; now, another. It is only a little further." Let us pause to be nourished, to quench our thirst as pilgrims always have; but even better, let us hunger and thirst after righteousness, that we may truly be filled. And thus renewed let us lift our feet—and our spirits—as we continue on our way.


And now let us rest, O gracious God, our bodies weary
but our spirits strong and glad. For, in the way of old Simeon, we have caught at least a glimpse of your glory;
we have seen and heard the works of your servants as they endeavored to praise you, as they sought to share their vision of the mystery and majesty that is Yours alone.
Let us sleep peacefully tonight, secure in the knowledge that you watch over us, and that even as you prepare for us another day filled with wonders, you are leading us to that most glorious dawn which will one day rise over the Holy City.

Cathedral Choir Chaplain Ward Johnson