This poem was handed to Dr. Savage at the conclusion of the
evening Mass at the Altar of the Chair on the Feast of
St. Joseph.


An Italian Prayer

The ancient Adriatic sand must wait
For this, a gifted human eye to see
In it God's presence destined to create
San Marco's stunning pleural mystery.

And waters of the Arno pierce the heart
Of treasured Florence with baptismal force.
Just as with us, they surely can impart
Both death and life abundant from the Source.

And San Pietro's wondrous marbled stone
From subterranean wounds first torn away
But carved by human hands to then intone
A song of love resplendent to this day.

The water, sand, and stone's great destiny
Is, as all things on earth, to honor Thee.

Glenn Lux
March 2006


Pilgrim: Paul Riley
Where are you?  Philadelphia, PA
Weather: Overcast

Message to: Evelyn Riley

Hi Mom, hope your retun home is going well, the pictures are beautiful, and I hope you had a great time, and I'll look forward to speaking with you when you get home.



Pilgrim: Christy Hansen
Where are you?  Seattle
Weather: Like Venice!

A question: does anyone have a photo of the choir taken after the 5:00 Mass at the Chair of San Pietro? I would love to have a copy.
I will cherish the memory of this trip for a lifetime! Sweet dreams to all as I'm sure you are catching up on missed sleep!


Pilgrim: Paulette Manuel
Where are you?  home sweet home
Weather: sunny and beautiful

As I entered my public school classroom of second graders on Friday morning, I looked at their little faces and thought, What do I tell them? How can they possibly understand what I've seen and experienced? Their frame of reference seemed so different from mine at this point.

It was then that I realized how my journey was, mine and all mine. . . that it was embedded in my memories, in my faith and in my heart. I would have to share my journey, not through my memories or pictures, but by the influence that this pilgrimage has had on me. The experiences of the art, music, architecture, culture, so intertwined and mystical, so appealing and beautiful to the senses. And yet, all this without the community and faith of the pilgrims, both at home and with us, the journey would have been empty. I experienced the great love of God, through the faces, words and voices of all those who made the pilgrimage with me. Through the excitement, laughter, tears, joy, amazement, weariness, and patience. It was there in every face and voice and word that I encountered.

Maybe the frame of reference that I needed to share with those second graders and those around me wasn't so different after all.


Pilgrim: Stacey Sunde
Where are you?  Sleepless in Seattle

Dear all "AT Home Pilgrims"

Well, I hope the phrase better late than never will apply here, as I am writing this 16 hours after we landed back in Seattle! THe pilgrimage to Rome ended up being a truly wonderful experience. we prayed daily for all of you, and when music was made, I was sure it could be heard all the way back home. I really realized that although we were half way around the world, the connections we have back home at St. James are so deep and true that it really was as though you were seated next to me in the churches, or on the bus, or walking down the cobblestone street, or praying at Mass. Although I thought I already knew that our St. James home is special, this time away has made that thought a complete understatement. Thank each of you for your daily thoughts and prayers and email notes. Sorry I wasn't as technologically connected as I thought I would be, but please know you were each with me along the way.
Prayers and peace,


March 23

Pilgrim-at-Home: Marcy and Stanley Kern
Where are you?  Twin Falls, Idaho
Weather: Beautiful....spring is on it's way

Dear Jennifer: Grandma Marcy and Grandpa Stan are praying for your safe return and so excited to learn more about your trip and the pictures you have taken. The pictures of your trip day by day have been something that we have really looked forward too.
Our Love


Pilgrim-at-Home: Douglas Kern
Where are you?  Surprise Arizona
Weather: clear and sunny

Hi Jennifer we saw you in some of the pictures, It looks like all of you are having such a wonderful time. We miss you and pray for you all for a safe trip home. We can't wait to hear about your trip.

We love you...Mom & Dad


March 22

Pilgrim-at-Home: Stephanie Caruso
Where are you?  bothell, wa
Weather: rain showers

Have a safe trip home. We love and miss you!


Pilgrim-at-Home: Tony Hansen
Where are you?  Seattle
Weather: Overcast; light showers

Dear Angela,

It was great to see your picture enjoying dinner with friends.

I hope you found that special art piece to fill your wall. I see you were in Assisi. I look forward to hearing your tales!!

Wishing you many blessings on your trip.



Pilgrim-at-Home: Lee Bedard
Where are you?  Seattle
Weather: Overcast, warmish showers

To Father Ryan:

Since it's noon in Seattle, I presume you've already said your anniversary Mass. You are in everyone's prayers....congratulations!


Pilgrim-at-Home: Lorraine Thomas
Where are you?  Seattle
Weather: Rainy and dripping

Michelle & Kina, Found your lovely faces in some of the photos. We've been praying for and with you all. Can't wait to hear all your stories. In the meantime, we'll continue to pray that God will give you grace to endure all that beauty and all the fabulous food. (Someone's gotta do it). Love you lots!


March 21

Pilgrim-at-Home: Marcie Madden, PA
Where Are You? At my cottage in Bremerton, WA
Weather: Rainy (Of course)

Dear Becky and Rex along with everyone else: I hope you've felt the strength of the fervency of my prayers for you and the pilgrims to Italy! As your pilgrimage is drawing to a close and a sigh is coming to your lips in (perhaps) relief and, yet, joy for all the blessings of the vibrancy of the life and reality of our faith history- be at peace. Bask in the centuries of agape and energy for Jesus Christ we have given and are giving to bring about the fullness of the eternal Kingdom... All my love to you.


Pilgrim-at-Home: Tina Ferrari
Where are you?  Seattle
Weather: Typical spring day - cool, sorta sunny

To: Gregory Phillips, Bob Wallace, Stephen Cavit & Rob Fannon: Hello there - You've all been in my prayers this whole time and I don't doubt for a minute that you're having an incredible experience. Hope you're taking good care of Italy for me before my own trip there next week. Ciao! Tina


Pilgrim-at-Home: Pat Whitney
Where are you? Seattle
Weather: Overcast (normal for Seattle)

Barbara Martin:
Did you say hello to Fr. Frank Case, SJ, in Rome? We saw you near him in the pictures that someone sent and I hope you know that he's a good friend of Uncle John's. He "met" you 3 months before you were born! And here you are in Rome..... Love to you all - send more pictures! We miss you! -Pat Whitney


Pilgrim-at-Home: Pat Widden
Where are you?  Bellevue
Weather: a bit rainy again

Congratulations, Father Ryan, on your 40th Anniversary of your ordination! What a thrill it must be to offer Mass on this day in the holy city of Rome. We are keeping track of all you pilgrims and praying along with you. Our best wishes. Pat and Tom Widden


Pilgrim-at-Home: Jill Little
Where are you?  Home in Oregon
Weather: Nice Spring Day! Warm!!!!

Hi Annie!

You are in one of the pictures! Cool! I will see you when you get home!

Take care,
Jill Little


Pilgrim-at-Home: Karen
Where are you?  Scottsdale, AZ
Weather: Sun and Clouds, unusually cold

Hi Mom and Dad and Auntie Dolores! I hope you are having an amazing time. We are thinking about you and praying for you. Alyssa and Joshua say hello! Love,Karen, Mike, ALyssa and Joshua


Where are you?  home
Weather: fabulous. Love every minute of it!

Hello Fellow Pilgrims!
Just thought I'd drop a quick note and let you all know I'm thinking of you and praying for safe travels and good time for you all. The weather here in Seattle area has been outstanding the last two days, sunny and unseasonably warm. Yesterday, it was in the mid 60's! Lovin' it! Blessings to you all. See you soon. Caio, Deanna Magnoni


March 20

Pilgrim-at-Home: Pat Widden
Where are you?  Bellevue
Weather: First day of spring; the sun is shining!

To Jeanie Widden

We enjoyed the pictures of Florence and Rome and the Sistine Chapel but wished they were larger. It was a nice homily in Florence by Father Ryan. Did you get to see the baptistry with all the copper door decorations? Hope you got to see the David. When I was there on a tour I missed it because we had to go to the leather factory first! Argh! Harry is doing fine. he even lets me sleep a little longer in the morning each day instead of walking on my face to get up and feed him. Love from all your family. Mom and Dad


Pilgrim-at-Home: Jim Whitson
Where are you?  Chez Calhoun
Weather: Sunny and Clear

Mom and Dad,
You didn't tell me you were going to ITALY!
I thought the pilgrimage was to Our Lady of the Dunes in Florence, OR. While you are there, could you please pick up some panforte?


Pilgrim-at-Home: Pat Whitney
Where are you?  St. James Cathedral
Weather: GORGEOUS!!!!!!The mountain's out!

Well, Pilgrims, now that you've sung for the Pope, what's next? Heavenly aspirations? Hope not as we miss you all here! You are in our thoughts and prayers as we welcome Spring to the Northwest. The weather is BEAUTIFUL - sunny and bright. Hope it is the same for you. You are missed in Seattle and we haven't started renting out the choir stalls. Love to Allison Warp, Barbaras Cotton and Martin, Mary Denney, Stacey, Clint, the Meders and Deckers. KNOW that you are having a GREAT time! Ciao!


Hi Everyone,

I’ve been eating plenty of pizza in Rome. The choir got to sing the prelude at the papal mass yesterday and sang the 5:00 pm daily mass. We sang Durufle Ubi Caritas at the tomb of Pope John Paul. It was incredible. We’re off to Assisi tomorrow and then will celebrate Father Ryan’s mass at St. Andrea at 5:00 pm on Wednesday.

See you all soon,



Pilgrim-at-Home: Lee Bedard
Where are you?  Seattle
Weather: Bright blue/sunshine/fantastic!

Hello Pilgrims:
In 2000, after more than 40 years as a 'lapsed' Catholic, I visited Rome as a tourist. But I visited many churches - curiosity - and was fascinated by St. Peter's, returning three times. Upon returning home, still seeing no connection in any of this (born clueless..) I made a casual visit to St. James....and the rest as the story goes is history.
I especially loved the tomb of Pope John XXIII, which was at that time in the crypt, and was the simplest tomb therein.
Bravo to all and safe trip the rest of the journey! We miss you. Pro Musica was a great treat on Sunday.


Pilgrim-at-Home: Jurian Vreeburg
Where are you?  the JetCity of Seattle
Weather: CAVU (Clear And Visibilities Unlimited)

Hello Travelers...
Thoughts and prayers are with you all as you experience the wonderful events in Italy ! Even though you are away we were not left high and dry as we were treated to an awesome Choral Mass yesterday at St. James:)

Message for Clint:
Did you climb to the top of the Dome at St. Peters yet? Also, is April 1st a good day for a delivery to 2015 from Macys home store or should I push that back a few days? Let me know either way: Thanks!

Safe travels and happy landings all :)


March 19

Pilgrim-at-Home: Tina O'Brien
Where are you?  Snohomsih, Washington
Weather: Sunny

Pat and Jeff Evans,
The pictures are great, I have only seen one of you mom. I am enjoying following where you are every day. We love you and hope you are having a wonderful time. Take lots of pictures. Tina


Pilgrim-at-Home: Dorlene Agenbroad
Where are you?  the Cathedral Music Office
Weather: bright blue sky

Dear Choristers in Rome,
Each day the Pilgrim Prayer Book prayers and readings have inspired me as I know they and all your experiences are inspirational for you. The pictures of your first day were fun to see--Stacey did all the green string project work out by St. Patrick's day? Love, Dorlene A.


Pilgrims-at-Home: Mike & Sharon Glenn (Parental Units)
Where are you? Newcastle, just the other side of Heaven
Weather: 9am, clear and 30 degrees

Hi Coco & Rohit. Hope you are enjoying Italy. Saw your picture on the web site (March 15 pictures). Looks like you were at a meal and you must have been hungry as your plates have been licked clean. Cleo asked if you missed her. Are your voices holding out?


March 18

Pilgrim-at-Home: Chuck Reichert
Where are you?  At home, in Bellevue
Weather: Clearing, if you can believe King5

Today I made a simple ragu with penne rigate for dinner. I wanted to make a bolognese, but got lazy at the end. The kids didn't complain. I thought of all of you soaring in hymns of praise in the great places at Firenze. Afterward, I hope you shared a great meal and filled the space with joyous song.

I am now relaxing with a glass of vino before I hit the sack. The girls and I toast you! By now you are starting the new day in Rome. How exciting! The music you sing in Italy is sung in the hearts of your pilgrim sisters and brothers at home.

Today we had clearing for a while and then the clouds and rain returned to Bellevue before nightfall. They promise sun for tomorrow. If not, Terese and I will sing "Ain't no sunshine when you're gone" at Mass tomorrow.

I am so looking forward to hearing the stories of your adventures. I had one adventure so far in your absence. I got a call out of the blue from Armandino Batali, owner of Salumi in Pioneer Square, the premier maker of salamis, proscuitto and pancetta in our town. Armandino's son is Mario Batali, the chef famous on the Food Network.

He heard of my company from a local electrical contractor. He purchased a large heated and cooled stainless steel pan, on a cart to poach the meats used in his products. The heat sources are not providing enough heat and we have been asked to re-engineer the heating system. It is a darned small job but the free salami, proscuitto and pancetta compensates richly.

As an aside, Teresa and her husband Keith were in Italy last Fall. They recommend you inquire about "lardo," a seasoned pork fat (lard) product used as a bread spread and other delightful applications. The only product not endorsed by Teresa and Keith coming from Salume is the lardo. Try it there!

I look forward to worshiping tomorrow at the Cathedral with the rest of our home pilgrims. May the peace of Christ be with you all.




Pilgrim-at-Home: Leslee from Lockwood
Where are you?  Kenmore, Wa
Weather: Windy spring weather, cherry blossom petals falling like snow

Paulette and Landy, We're following daily your incredible trip. All of us at school find it's the perfect escape from report cards. Soak up some of that wonderful art and architecture for me! Leslee


Pilgrim-at-Home: Anne FitzGerald
Where are you?  Seattle
Weather: Moody

Jean Pollock, I see you in the background of one of the pics! I hope you and Marsha are having a thrilling experience. Montgomerys and Whitsons, thanks for all your help with my move. I'm settling in nicely. Blessings upon you! I went to the Cathedral this a.m. for a reader training. The columns and the pews whispered that they miss every one of you, choir and pilgrims and all, but they know other columns and other pews in other churches are touched by your presence. God bless this technology which allows us to touch each other across space and time, to share the pilgrimage!


Pilgrims-at-Home: Pat and Tom Widden
Where are you?  In Rome maybe?
Weather: Is it warmer than Seattle and Bellveue?

Hi Jeanie Widden. Thanks for your phone call on my birthday. We had a good time with all the family. Talked a long time with Ward today. Isn't it overwhelming to stand in the middle of all that grandeur and realize it is centuries old? We're following your every day itinerary as you go. Love, Mom and Dad.


Where are you?:

Hello to all the St. James Staff from Jim, Joseph, Clint, Stacey, and Father Ryan.

We’re ready to load the bus this morning to head out into the city of Florence. Things are going very well. We will arrive in Rome tonight.

We’ve had very limited internet access until now so hopefully we’ll be able to get some more photos up on the web.

See you all soon.



Pilgrims-at-Home: Dick and Mary Foley
Where are you?: at home in Bellevue
Weather: Pacific Northwest Gray

Hello Travelers,
How wonderful that the internet allows us to feel a part of your pilgrimage to Italy. We are so enjoying the photos on the website and you all will be in our thoughts and prayers today and every day. Certainly there'll be prayers for your safe journey when we join the Saint James family at the Cathedral tomorrow.
We send our warmest congratulations to Father Ryan as he celebrates this milestone in such a significant way. A special greeting also to our good friends Jeff and Debe Meder - we wish we could be with you.


Pilgrim-at-Home: Mary L DiJulio, snjm
Where are you: In Toppenish, WA
Weather: Sunny-blue skies-crisp & cold

It's the day between StPat & StJoseph (feast days). It's Sat. 11:15 am here. Are you all still in beautiful Firenze? WOW. Next is ROMA, right? May you experience the history and Mystery of that sacred city, giving thanks and praise to God for God's presence, love, and care, yesterday, today and always.


Pilgrim-at-Home: Cynthia Root
Where are you?  Bellevue, WA
Weather: The usual stuff

Hi Rebecca,

Thank you for the message you left for me Friday morning. I got to work late because Jake is sick. I think about you often and read the information posted for each day.

THis has been a very busy week for me and I am very glad it is Friday!! I am going to work in the yard tomorrow or Sunday, depending on the weather. I bought a couple of plants and I hope to buy some more lavendar plants tomorrow.

I love you very much!!



March 17

Pilgrim-at-Home: Rosanna Bellotti
Where are you? Seattle - Queen Anne Hill
Weather: Dark and Cold

Hello Mom (Dolores in the Orange Group)- We are all thinking of you and praying that you have a fun and safe pilgrimage. Greeting to Auntie Angela and Uncle Bill too. Ciao! Rosanna, Roberta & Connie, John & Linda, Nick & Maureen and all 10 of your grandchildren!


Pilgrim-at-Home: Wendy Avila
Where are you?  Olympia, Washington
Weather: Sun is peeking through

Hello Pilgrim Gregory Phillips,
Have followed your journey thus far on the St. James website - thank you for sharing that info before you left. My prayers are with your group for safe travel and great food!!! Soak in all the memories to share upon return. And gargle at night to preserve those pipes.
Wendy Avila


Pilgrim-at-Home: Dave Ludwig, Tenor 2
Where are you?  Seattle
Weather: Take a wild guess...

Greetings Rome Pilgrims! If my calculations are correct, it's about 7pm in Firenze. That means you just finished singing the Dubois, and perhaps you are eating dinner.

I hope everything is going great. I'm excited for you tomorrow. To sing the Verdi, Dufay and the Mozart in the Santa Maria del Fiore will be such an amazing experience. Especially that Cantiam. Tenors, be sure to savor those trumpet-like moments in that piece!

Have safe travels everyone! I'll be praying for you!


Pilgrim-at-Home: Jane McSherry
Where are you? Spartanburg, SC
Weather: Sunny and nice

Hi Mom and Dad (Gerda and Robin),
I wonder if you got my message yesterday when I spoke on the phone to a lady in your group to tell you to call Roger in London. The Italian people at the hotel were not too helpful, but I overheard an american voice and demanded to speak to her! I hate that I had to interrupt your wonderful trip, and have been following your travels daily.

Much love,


March 16

Pilgrim-at-Home: Mary L DiJulio,snjm
Where are you?  Bellevue, WA
Weather: Off and on RAIN

Dolores, Angela, Bill, and Emmy! Greetings to you and each of your companion Pilgrims. I have read the daily notes and prayers each night to our Dad. He has you on his mind and in his heart & so do I!! I hope you are keeping a journal. Love, Mary Lou


Pilgrim-at-Home: Sue Scanlon
Where are you?  Seattle
Weather: rainy :)

Dear Wonderful Pilgrims in Italy,
though I've only been a part of the St. James choir for a short time, I can't begin to tell you how much your spiritual committment and musical talents have touched my life. I know your warm hearts and shining souls are a blessing to our Italian friends as well. May the Lord be with you at each step of your amazing journey. My prayers are with you all!


Pilgrim-at-Home: ROGER EJOHNSON
Where are you? Orlando,FL
Weather: 79 DEGREE

Hello Maggie & Rodney,
Hope the trip is going well? has everyone adjusted to the time changes? Look forward to your pictures. Regards, Miladi & Roger


Pilgrim-at-Home: Regina Bourdage
Where are you?  Seattle, WA
Weather: Mild

Hello Mary Dempsey, I wanted to let you know you are in my prayers and I truly hope you are having a wonderful time. I can't wait to hear all about your trip when you return. Lord willing one day I will get to see all of the beautiful things you all experience. I wanted to let you know the rites are going well and not to worry. Have a great time and I will see you soon.


Pilgrim-at-Home: Theresa Van de Ven
Where are you?  St. James
Weather: Hey, It's Seattle!

To our travelers: As you journey to Rome, we journey with you in our thoughts and prayers. May you be blessed with laughter, song, good weather, and fellowship. Please bring back great stories and pictures.


Pilgrim-at-Home: Monika Hall
Where are you?  Bellevue, WA
Weather: wet, chilly

Being able to participate in the last pilgrimages (Italy and Lourdes/Santiago/Fatima) were very intense spiritual events in my life. I could not come this time, but I am sitting at home in my treasured black Italy sweatshirt and follow your route, trying very hard not to be jealous. Please include me in your prayers.


Pilgrim-at-Home: Ward Johnson
Where are you?: Seattle

To my fellow choristers--
By the time you read this, you already will have sung Mozart's serene "Quaerite primum regnum Dei" at San Marco. Know that I here at home am seeking first the Kingdom of God; and note with special joy that you have the support and prayers of some very serious and enthusiastic seekers in RCIA: the Elect as well as many other catechumens, candidates and inquirers. As an RCIA sponsor I have the privilege and pleasure of witnessing what could be considered the very first pilgrimage many of these people are making as the Holy Spirit guides them in their search for spiritual truth.  Your chaplain-in-absentia, Ward


March 15

Pilgrim-at-Home: Ralph & Pat Olsen
Where are you?: Wilsonville, Oregon
Weather: sun/showers/47 degrees

for Rebecca Thompson:
Hi Sweetie! We are tuned in to your web-site and are fascinated with how we can follow you and imagine your experiences of the moment. We have been in all of the cathedrals except Ravenna. How blessed you are to have these marvelous experiences. You are very special, and we are so proud of you. Greetings to Father Ryan from us. We love you.
Grandma and Grandpa


Pilgrim-at-Home: Cynthia Root
Where are you?: Bellevue, WA
Weather: Damp and cold

I was so glad to hear from Rebecca, a Pilgrim-to-Rome. Thank you for calling! I am so glad that you had the opportunity to be a pilgrim but I always miss you when you are not home. Don is feeling a lot better and is home from the hospital. I am going to put Winston and Don both on a diet.
I love you Rebecca,



Pilgrim-at-Home: Mary Fierke
Where are you?: Federal Way, WA
Weather: cool, rainy

God bless you on your pilgrimage!
In prayer, Mary Fierke


Pilgrim-at-Home: Gemma
Where are you?: Bellevue, WA.
Weather: rainy

Angela, Bill, & Dolores (w/the orange group), and Emmy, and all of the traveling pilgrims: We are praying that you're having a wonderful experience. Hopefully you're too excited and having too much fun to be tired from the trip over. Take care. We miss you, love you.


Pilgrim-at-home: Brooke Brown
Where are you?  Seattle
Weather: partly cloudy

Sending love and well-wishes to Michelle and Kina today! We're with you in spirit during your wonderful adventures, and can't wait to hear about your trip when you return. Blessings to all the pilgrims!


Pilgrim-at-home: Louise Marley
Where are you? Redmond
Weather: raining

Jake and I are thinking of all of you as you travel--and looking forward to joining you in Rome! Sing beautifully, pray well, and we'll be seeing you very soon.


Pilgrim-at-home: Michael Prendergast
Where are you?  Portland, Oregon
Weather: overcast but no rain at the moment

Dear Pilgrims,

I am making my own pilgrimage to Butte Montana, tomorrow, to celebrate St Patrick's Day. I am traveling with Fr. John Kerns, a presbyter of Portland in Oregon. We will visit all of the churches in Butte and on Sunday be at the Cathedral of St. Helena. Not quite as sophisticated as your event. None the less, I will hold you all in my thoughts and prayers as you make beautiful music. I am looking forward to joining the cathedral community in Seattle again this year for the celebration of the Paschal Triduum.

Lenten peace,

Michael Prendergast
Liturgy Specialist
Oregon Catholic Press
Portland, Oregon


Where are you?   

Stacey, Barbara and Anne: Beware the Ides of March! Hope you are having fun and that Padua was great! Get some rest because you'll need it! Ciao! -Pat & Greg (AKA "Momma & Daddy")


Pilgrim-at-home: Patricia Hardin
Where are you?  Lacey, WA
Weather: Gray, drippy, cold

To Beverly Potter,
I keep you in my prayers, Bev, that all goes well at each stop you make. I hope the weather there is agreeable - hows 'bout a weather update. Tell Collette hi from me and that I keep her in my prayerws as well.  My love to you, Patricia


Pilgrim-at-home: Scout
Where are you? Seattle
Weather: Cold, icy, wet

It's exciting to be a stay-at-home pilgrim and know that as I write ads for an organ donor program (no, Dr. Savage, it's not the kind that can play music alas) pilgrims and choir are at their first stop at the Basilica of St. Anthony! NOTE to Pilgrim Carla - don't forget you need to represent the YA - see if you can get the Pope to wear one of our "We are the future," arm bands. I know you can do it.


March 14

Pilgrim-at-home: Chuck Reichert
Where are you?  Bellevue, WA
Weather: partly cloudy

Dear sister and brother pilgrims,

It is 8:00 PM on Tuesday and my day ends as yours is about to begin. I hope you rested well on the flight and enjoy your first day. As usual, the weather reports for Seattle are conflicted. Most of last night and this morning they all predicted cloudy and lots of rain. The convergence zone appeared over the city this morning and brightened the day.

We follow faithfully your journey. We pray that you enjoy the culture of Italy, the spirituality of the holy places you visit and the sheer joy of new experiences with such a great group of wonderful people.

We, who are your partners at home in this pilgrimage, love you and are swelling with pride at your talent and dedication. Our souls are anchored in the Lord!


Pilgrim-at-home: Terri G
Where are you?  Seattle
Weather: partly cloudy

Even tho I am staying here in Seattle, I am so proud to be a part of the choir in Rome. I know the trip for you will be grueling and tiring at times but don't forget to be awe-inspired and proud of what you see and what you are doing. I'll be praying for you and will occasionally offer simple words for the trip...

You drown not by falling into a river, but by staying submerged in it.
- Paulo Coelho

...have the time of your lives!


Pilgrim-at-home: Corinna Laughlin
Where are you? Cathedral Rectory, USA
Weather: Gorgeous, almost Mediterranean

Today I got to drive the music department to SeaTac in one of the Cathedral vans. You can be sure that I drove very carefully with this Precious Cargo aboard. We encountered no mishaps on the way and arrived at the airport at about 5:30am. Other pilgrims were being dropped off up and down the curb. As they grabbed their bags and hurried inside, I called, "Don't forget to blog!"


March 13

Pilgrim-at-home: Cindi Biedermann
Where are you?  Bigfork Montana
Weather: Cold & Sunny, 17f

Dave (Vargas)
We are so proud of you! You are a true inspiration for Travis (your godson) and Shelby. She is often asked where she gets her talent/ability... and its from you. We are all very excited to follow you on your journey. Stay safe and well. Love, Cindi~


Pilgrim: Glenda Voller
Where are you? Seattle
Weather: dark

It's just hours before I leave home for Italy; my family has the website address to view daily our experiences; many of them have email to me that they'll be checking in through out our journey. Also; a friend who attended the Benefit Concert, Saturday night says "I smiled and cried at the same time" Referring to how "magnificent-every moment" of the concert which she "thoroughly enjoyed", "a perfect evening of beautiful music" From me, a Blessing to be part of this.       Glenda Voller


Pilgrim: james savage
Where are you? still here, but soon there!
Weather: seattleish

March 13 The pilgrimage has begun! The Concert on Saturday night with our choristers who are taking their pilgrimage here in Seattle and then--Sunday! With nearly 100 of the Cathedral's amazing choristers, a moving Blessing of Pilgrimage, and glorious singing by nearly 1000 gathered faithful, Sunday's liturgy hinted at the mystical beauty of the Transfiguration on the Mount we heard in the Gospel. With James and John and Peter who knelt in awestruck wonder, the choir sang Durufle's "Down in adoration falling". And then we journeyed to receive the Body and Blood, to Parry's joy-filled setting of the Psalm of pilgrimage "I was glad when they said unto me, let us go to the house of the Lord."


March 10

Pilgrim Name  James Savage
Where are you?  Seattle
Weather today?  beautiful

Last night we had the final rehearsal of the choir for the pilgrimage. St. James can be proud. The choir is ready to unite prayer and song in some of Italy's most historic holy sites. The setting of the Canticle of the Blessed Mother written in the 15th c. by Du Fay for Brunelleschi's Dome in Florence is thrilling. The 3-choir setting of the Canticle of Simeon composed in the 16th c. by Gabrieli for the golden domes of Venice is splendor in sound. And the Palestrina we will sing for the Holy Father's feast day is moving and prayerful. more later, James Savage