Rise, let us be on our way
Matthew 26: 46

A Prayer for Pilgrims on their Return Home
from the Book of Blessings

Brothers and sisters, our pilgrimage has been a privileged period of grace given us by God. We who have come in trust to this holy place are moved with a new resolve to be renewed in heart. The sanctuaries that we have visited are a sign of that house not built with hands, namely, the Body of Christ, the cornerstone. As we return home, let us live up to the vocation God has given us: to be a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, Godís own people, so that we may everywhere proclaim the goodness of him who called us out of darkness into marvelous light.

Blessed are you, O God,
Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.
From all races of the earth
you have chosen a people dedicated to you,
eager to do what is right.
Your grace has moved the hearts of these, your friends,
to love you more deeply and to serve you more generously.
We ask you to bless them,
so that they may tell of your wonderful deeds
and give proof of them in their lives.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

Intentions for Today

PILGRIMS TO ROME: We pray for a safe and peaceful trip home, that we may arrive home with minds and hearts renewed, rested and ready for the coming celebration of Easter. May we be filled with wonder at the beautiful things that surround us every day of our lives.

PILGRIMS AT HOME: We pray for a safe return home for our travelers, that they will return to us in good health, rested and filled with peace and joy. And we pray that we may also look back on these days of spiritual pilgrimage as a time of grace.


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