Whether we are at home or away, we aspire to please the Lord
2 Corinthians 5: 9

Photos for Today

Farewell, Clint, Joseph, Rob, Stacey, Jim, Glenda... and all our pilgrims.
We love you!  Have a safe and blessed pilgrimage!

Appropriate choice of airline?

Stacey getting ready for St. Patrick's Day

Jim Savage and Steve Cavit

Clint and Loren in the airport

View of the Alps


A Prayer for Pilgrims from the Book of Blessings

Brothers and sisters, as we set out, we should remind ourselves of the reasons for our resolve to go on this holy pilgrimage. The places we intend to visit are monuments to the devotion of the people of God. They have gone there in great numbers to be strengthened in the Christian way of life and to become more determined to devote themselves to the works of charity. We must also try to bring something to the faithful who live there: our example of faith, hope, and love. In this way both they and we will be enriched by the help we give each other.

All-powerful God,
you always show mercy toward those who love you
and you are never far away from those who seek you.
Remain with your servants on this holy pilgrimage
and guide their way in accord with your will.
Shelter them with your protection by day,
give them the light of your grace by night,
and, as their companion on the journey,
bring them to their destination in safety.
We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Intentions for Today

PILGRIMS TO ROME: We pray for a safe and peaceful trip. We will have to hit the ground running, so we pray that we may arrive at our destination relaxed, refreshed and ready for adventures. We pray for all those who wanted to be with us today but who because of sickness or circumstances could not. Through our prayers, may they experience the grace of this pilgrimage.

PILGRIMS AT HOME: We pray for our travelers, that this pilgrimage will be a time of grace for them, and through them, for our entire parish community. We pray that our own Lenten pilgrimage will bring us to the joys of Easter refreshed and renewed in mind, spirit, and body.