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Click on a date to join in the novena prayer for that day

This is not an easy time to be Catholic.  With the ever-widening abuse crisis, and the serious questioning of Church leadership both in the media and in the Church itself, we are passing through dark days.  But this time has also been a clear call to prayer and conversion.

On the local level, too, we find ourselves in a time of change and transition, as Archbishop Brunett prepares to retire after nearly 14 years as our Archbishop, and we await the appointment of a new shepherd for the Archdiocese of Seattle.

Our situation is not that different from the situation the disciples found themselves in, in the days following Jesus Ascension.  They knew Jesus was risen from the dead, but they did not know what that would mean for their lives.  He had promised to be close to them, but they could no longer see him, listen to his teaching, or touch his healing hands.  And so they gathered in prayer in the upper room, awaiting the promised gift of the Comforter, the Holy Spirit.  And nine days later, on Pentecost, the Spirit came, with the sound of a mighty rushing wind, and rested on each of them in tongues of flame.

This year, let us pray for our Church during the nine days leading up to Pentecost (Sunday, May 23).  Each day, as we pray the Novena Prayer (pick up a prayer card after Mass today), let us ask God for the gifts of the Holy Spirit:  wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, reverence, wonder and awe in God s presence.


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