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I am Theodore.
I was a friend and helper of the great apostle, James, and I am here to tell you a little more about him and how it happened that his relics are venerated in Spain.
James was the fourth person Jesus called to follow him.  In the Gospels, you read how at certain times Jesus would take with him just Peter, James, and John.  When Jesus raised the daughter of Jairus from the dead, James was there.  When Jesus was transfigured on the mountaintop, James was there.  When Jesus prayed in agony in the garden at Gethsemane, James was there.  James was a special witness to the Lord.
After the resurrection of Jesus, and the giving of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, the Apostles were filled with courage and began to spread the good news about Jesus far and wide.  That was when I met James and began to help him in his ministry.  We traveled as far as Spain to preach the Gospel, but no one listened.  In fact, James only managed to convince two people to find out more about Jesus!  So we went home again to Jerusalem.  It wasn't safe to be a follower of Jesus, and James was executed by King Herod.  He was the first of the apostles to be martyred.  Anastasius and I took his body and set sail in a boat.  But the boat had no rudder, and so we just drifted along, until we landed in Spain.  It was a miracle that we were led back to this place where we had preached the Gospel to so little effect.
Centuries later, the bishop of the place had a vision, and a bright star led him to the tomb of the Apostle.  That is one explanation for how the city came to be called 'Compostela,' which is said to mean, 'field of stars.'  Ever since that time, pilgrims have streamed to Santiago de Compostela to pray at the tomb of the Apostle.  And Anastasius and I are still there -- buried next to our friend James.


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