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Mary speaks:
My name is Mary. I grew up in Nazareth. I thought I would live an ordinary life; but God had other plans for me. He sent an angel to ask me to be the mother of God s only Son. I knew that to say yes would change my life forever! But I also knew that God would take care of me no matter what happened. So I said, may it be done to me according to your word.

We answer:
Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us!
Help us to listen to God s word as you did,
and to say yes to everything God asks of us. Amen.


Mary speaks:
Joseph and I went to Bethlehem. It was very crowded there, and we couldn t find a room in any of the inns. We ended up staying in a stable. It was there that I gave birth to my baby Jesus. Soon some shepherds came and told us an amazing story: angels had appeared to them, singing and rejoicing, and announcing that the Savior was born! A few days later, some wise men from far away came to the stable, too, with gifts for Jesus.

We answer:
Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us!
Help us to find Jesus in unexpected places,
as the shepherds and wise men did.



Mary speaks:
Not long after the wise men had returned to their country, Joseph had a frightening dream. In it, an angel told him that we must flee to Egypt, because Herod, the king, was jealous of this newborn king, and wanted to kill him! So in the middle of the night, we fled. We stayed in Egypt until we learned that it was safe to go home again.

We answer:
Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us!
Help us to follow God wherever he may lead us.  Amen.



Mary speaks:
After we returned to Nazareth, our lives were quiet and peaceful. But something amazing was happening. As Jesus learned the carpenter s trade with Joseph, he was also learning about God s ways and God s special plan for him. One day, we were at a wedding and the wine ran out! I spoke to Jesus, and he performed the first of his miracles: he changed water into wine.

We answer:
Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us!
At Cana, you spoke to Jesus, and he changed water into wine.  Speak to Jesus for us, and ask him to give us the things we truly need: faith and love. Amen.


Mary speaks:
There is nothing harder than seeing the people you love suffer, without being able to do anything for them. As I stood at the foot of the cross, I remembered what someone had said to me many years before: a sword of sorrow will pierce your heart. All I could do was trust that we were in God s hands, and that he would take care of us.

We answer:
Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us!
Even in the darkest times, you trusted in God.  Help us to turn to God when we are going through hard times.  Help us to stand by our friends when they are suffering. Amen.



Mary speaks:
God did something amazing, something new: he raised Jesus from the dead! We saw Jesus again we touched him and listened to his words. Jesus helped us to understand that each of us would one day rise with him, to live forever in God. God had truly turned our sorrow into joy!

We answer:
Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us!
Help us to find the risen Jesus, who lives in his Church and in each one of us.  Amen.



Mary speaks:
Forty days after he was raised from the dead, Jesus ascended into heaven. But he promised to send us a Comforter. While we were all praying together one morning, Jesus kept his word. He sent the Holy Spirit upon us not just to some, but to all who believe in him! The Spirit lives in us, and teaches us, and helps us to do what is right.

We answer:
Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us!
Help us to open our hearts and minds to the Holy Spirit, and to understand the ways the Spirit speaks to us in our daily lives.  Amen.



Mary speaks:
When I reached the end of my life, God gave me a special privilege: he raised me body and soul into heaven! Now I have a special task: to pray for all the people in the world, and to be a Mother not only to Jesus, but to all who believe in him.

We answer:
Holy Mary, Mother of God, you are our Mother, too!  Help us to realize that you are always with us, praying for us, loving us, leading us to Jesus.  Amen.




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