Saint Luke


My name is Luke. I wrote one of the four Gospels—can you guess which one? As a doctor, I could not help but notice how many times Jesus used his power to heal sick people, and I loved to tell those stories in my Gospel. I also told a lot of stories about Mary because she is so important in leading us to her Son! Sometimes, you’ll see me with an ox. That’s because an ox is a symbol of sacrifice in the old law, and I began my Gospel with the story of Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist, offering sacrifice in the Temple.

Neri di Bicci speaks: Ah! Saint Luke! My own patron saint! We are told that Saint Luke painted the very first picture of Jesus and Mary. So he takes special care of artists like me. In my picture, Luke is writing his gospel in a book with a quill pen. He is wearing a green robe with a beautiful vermilion lining. I even put a little ox at his feet.

Saint Luke, in your gospel,
you show us the beauty of holiness.
Help us to reflect the image of Christ
in the way we live our lives.
Saint Luke, pray for us!


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