The votes are in, and have been thoroughly counted,
and we're happy to announce...

The Winners of the Great Booth Competition!

The prizes, from Archie McPhee's.  Suitable for any mantelpiece.

Crown:  Best in Show
Dinosaur:  Most Old-Fashioned
Rubber Chicken:  Wackiest
Peacock:  Most Beautiful
Oscar:  Most Artistic
Platypus:  Most Informative

The Music Booth.
Winners of a jeweled crown.

Most Informative
Adult Religious Education
"How Catholic Are You?"
Winners of the duck-billed platypus.

The Cathedral Ushers
"House of Ushers"
Winners of the rubber chicken.

Most Beautiful
Pastoral Care Ministries
Winners of the peacock.

Most Old-Fashioned
Welcome Back
Winners of the dinosaur.

Most Artistic
Young Adults
"We are the Future!"
Winners of an authentic plastic Academy Award.

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