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Named for our visionary retired Archbishop Raymond G. Hunthausen, the Hunthausen Fund first began awarding no interest loans and grants to help house the working poor in October 2001.  It’s a unique “hands-up” approach to reducing homelessness.  Since that time, a total amount of more than $700,000 has been distributed to well over 650 poor families.  These awards have moved hundreds of men, women, and children from shelters and transitional housing into homes of their own.

  • Flo is a grandmother that was out of work and had suddenly to take in her two young grandchildren.  Flo didn’t know where to turn as her family seemed headed for homelessness.  Then she got connected to the Hunthausen Fund, and she and her family were able to move into an apartment large enough to accommodate all of them.  Today she and the children are together and doing very well.
  • Chakira is a young mother who needed housing while she completed her education and held down a part time job.  When her move-in expenses were funded and she was housed, she was able stay focused and finish her education.  She now works full time in a field she was trained for and is a wonderful mother planning her family’s future.
  • Cory was homeless and challenged with a learning disability.  He had a desire to improve himself and find work.  He has done both.  Cory does not make a lot of money so he needed help to move into his own apartment.  Cory is very responsible and continues to keep his job and apartment and feels good about himself.
  • Robbie, another beneficiary of the Hunthausen Fund, writes:  “I want to thank you so very much for the donation you gave me to move into my own place after coming out of treatment, which I am 1½ years clean now.  The money that I used to move into my own place helped me to become stable enough to go to school.  I am very appreciative of the fact my life had less stress due to having my own place.  I went to school and this very day I graduate.”

But the success of the Hunthausen Fund has left us with a dilemma.  For every family we have been able to help, there have been many more who have been turned away when the funding runs low.  There is a sizable waiting list!
If you would like to make a gift to the Hunthausen Fund,  click here to make your gift online now.  Be sure to designate your gift to the Hunthausen Fund. Contact Maria Laughlin, Director of Stewardship and Development, 206-382-4284, for  more information.

If you are a caseworker who has a client who might benefit by help from the Hunthausen Fund, contact Whitley Tucker, Director of Program Support at Catholic Community Services, 206-328-5641.


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