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Proud to be Music Nerds!  We made a lot of music today, but here are some images of us just having a great time together. It was a full day. Special thanks to Mrs. Fox for the photos!

And just because it's International Cat Day...

  • The music came from my heart today! And made me feel emotions coming from the text! Because I felt like Mary was listening.

  • I learned about St. James songs. I feel happy. I singed to Father Ryan.

  • When we sang for Father Ryan it made me feel good.

  • God is like a neverending song.

  • When I sang anything in the church, I saw other people watching us sing and I felt very happy to bring my signing into someone else’s life. There will always be someone who does not know who God is and when they walk into the church we can help them figure out what God can do and who he is.

  • When we sang “Dear Lord and Father of mankind” it really was beautiful. It was amazing at how unified we were at the same time it was really expressful, loud, and calming.

  • I feel like I sang to God and Maria and expressed my love to them.

  • I feel inspired through the people around me to sing because of the unity and friendship and glory. I also felt a lot of respect today. When I sang in front of Mary, it made me feel joy and love and beauty but also “Thou that art so fair and bright” wore on, to me, it felt beautiful and calming and soothing. It really felt awesome.  I made up a little prayer of gratitude:  “Bless, O Lord, your servants, as they sing in worship of your name. May they be reminded by Mother Mary to be humble. In the Lord’s Name we pray. Amen.”

  • I saw a guy praying and smiling and feeling happy. When we were singing for Father you could see his face glow with joy and happiness. So that’s what made me feel happy loved and want to sing to people that might have no idea who Jesus, Mary, or God is, and to teach them about Jesus is what makes me happy.

  • I feel like singing “Thou that art so fair and bright” for the Mary shrine gave me a strong sense of peaceful joy.

  • When we sang “Dear Lord and Father of mankind” next to the Mary statue, I felt holiness, peacefulness, and unity.

  • Today I was filled with joy when I sang. Every time someone stops and listens to us, when they smile it brings me more joy than any beautiful descant ever could. Sometimes I see people I recognize because they hang around for the food kitchen. And I know so many people have so little, and yet one song brings them so much. I can see the joy on their faces. And when you see someone that happy, you can’t help but be that happy yourself.

  • Some of the songs I like a lot are “Go down, Moses” and “Nature’s praise.” Singing makes me feel happy and calm.

  • In the “Ave Maria” I was calm and at peace. And in Nature’s Praise, I was energetic and excited and full of love (mainly since I love Nature’s Praise). When we sang Thou That Art So Fair and Bright to Mary, I felt calm, peaceful, respectful, and very connected to Mary through the music and the words.

  • It is peaceful and joyful when we sing to Mary.

  • I like singing “Nature’s Praise” and feel very happy and calm singing it. Another reason why I like singing nature’s praise is because it reminds me of my pet dog and pet hamster is are now in heaven.

  • Music helps make more friends. It made me happy that Father Ryan likes our music. I think music gathers people to sing and dance and make new friends.

  • Today I realized that the music we are singing can touch people’s lives. It is technically not tangible, but when you are singing it or even just listening to it, it is like you can touch and feel it. I think when others hear our music, they feel happy. I know that our music can touch people’s lives.

  • When I sing the song “Go down Moses” I feel awesome because when I sing it with all my power it makes me feel good. It also makes me feel good to see how other people feel when they hear my music and I put all of my power into it.

  • I think today was excellent. We were singing great! I hope the other boys are great. Singing made me relax.

  • When I am near Mary I feel joy. My favorite place to sing is by the organs.

  • The thought of Mary brings the soothing sensation of having a constant motherly force that constantly calms, protects, provides, and loves.

  • I think when others hear our music they are happy.

  • I am happy that I get to sing to the awesome Mary and Jesus.

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