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At Morning Prayer today, Father Ryan talked about St. Lawrence, one of the martyrs of the early church.
He had a great sense of humor. Lawrence is depicted in the Renaissance painting in the Chapel.
Do you remember what he's holding in the painting?

More fun time in the Cathedral Courtyard. Special thanks to Ms. Flohr for today's photos!

Chatting with Father Ryan at break time!

Back in the Choir Room, preparing for tomorrow's concert. "Thou that art so fair and bright" is a favorite
and Father Ryan accompanies the song on the piano!  Scroll down to the bottom of this page
to read more about our favorite songs.


Thoughts for today about our favorite songs...

  • I like "I want to walk as a child of the light" and "Go down Moses"

  • When we sing the Tallis Canon it reminds me of hte Magnficat prayer. I like to think about the words. I think that the tune matches Mary; it is very peaceful. The song is about Mary saying yes and Mary's words describing God's glory, holiness, love, and joy.

  • I like "Go down Moses" because it is really jazzy, and jazzy is my thing, and I think it's catchy.

  • When I listen to "I want to walk as a child of the light," I feel like I'm walking with Jesus at night with stars and we are walking to heaven. Mary is special to me because she gave us Jesus and she's humble and amazing.

  • The song that really speaks to me is "Nature's praise" because I am really connected to nature a lot. I recently went on a trip to Eastern Washington, and we went to a place called Lewis and Clark Trail State Park. A river runs through it and in the river I saw lots of snakes. I caught two of them. The first one was about average size and the next one I caught was clearly a baby. That experience really helped me appreciate nature and everything in it.

  • "Nature's Praise" speaks to me because a lot of the time when I walk I like to see the nature around me and it relaxes me and shows me a character with its beauty. So in this song it directly praises the earth because the earth is one of God's creations.

  • "Nature's Praise" stands out to me out of all the other songs because it really and truly is about Nature, and its words go together so nicely! I love Mary because she is my mother and the mother of my friends, so that makes me sisters with them!

  • When I sing "Thou that art so fair and bright," I think of Mary because verse 2 and 3 talk about Mary. I also think of Father Ryan because I know that the song has been with him most of his life. Mary is special to me becauuse she gave us Jesus and she was a very humble saint.

  • I like "Dear Lord and Father" becauuse to me it is forgiving our sins in the form of a song.

  • I love two songs! 1. Ave Maria is a beautiful song and it brings joy to me because even though it is in a different language you can still understand the meaning. 2. Nature's Praise is wonderful because it sorta means you can praise God in lightning storms or thunder and also praise him whenever.

  • "Thou that art so fair and bright" makes me think about Mary and how humble she was. A lot of people would probably treat being chosen by God by running around telling everyone "Look at me! I've been chosen by God!" But Mary was very humble. She kept her head down adn told people that God was the great one.

  • "Nature's Praise" makes me think of hiking in the woods iwth my dad and my brother. When you're out in the woods you see lots of evidence of nature's beauty. Also, in nature's praise you see the harmony of living things, also evident in nature. Mary is special to me because she is the ideal mother. She encourages and supports Jesus. She stays with him until the end.

  • The Ave Maria speaks to me the most because the song reminds me of Mary and that song reminds my grandmother of her mother and it makes her cry.

  • A song that truly speaks to me is "Nature's Praise." I love that it talks about the whole world praising God, not just people. All animals love God, even if we don't understand them, they praise him, too in their own special beautiful way. Mary is special to me, because she's always watching over us, and praying for us. I like how pure Mary is, and how she said yes to God and listend to his call. I like how she loves us like her own children.

  • "Dear Lord and Father" makes me feel happy and the beauty of the song is awesome! It has beautiful descants and we sing it so well it's awesome.

  • When I sing "Thou that art so fair and bright," I feel connected to Mary and humble and when I sing the Latin and English together it is so beautiful. I love the way the Latin puts in such a lovely touch to already gracious words and I get so happy and calm whenever I sing it. Also, I've been singing "Thou that art so fair and bright" since I was really young, so I kinda grew up with it, so I always knew how kind, humble, and gracious Mary was which is expressed in the song. Mary is special to me because of how she always looked up to God and did whatever he asked her and I want to follow her example and always be very humble. Mary is also very special to me because she gave birth to Jesus who did so many great things for us and Mary also did such great things for God. They are both terrific role models and so kind.

  • I like "I want to walk as a child of the light." I think of stars and how I am a star, and how everyone else is also like a star. Mary is special to me because I pray to her when I am sad, and every night.

  • When I sing "Thou that art so fair and bright," I feel closer to Mary. I feel as if she's in the room listening, just invisible. I do not feel like that with most songs. One thing I really like about "Thou that art so fair and bright" is that it has Latin in it. One reason I feel close to Mary is because she mothers everyone. That is a big responsibility! Another reason is because she said "yes" to the Lord.  I think that is great!

  • The song "Nature's Praise" speaks to me because I think that it's like all the animals, and all of creation coming into one place to worship God. I like that because to me it relates to how I go to church every Sunday, and I think it's really cool how the song does that. Especially in lines like: "White-tail by leaping, lizard by creeping, fall into line!"

  • When I sing "Nature's Praise," I feel like it lifts me off the ground!

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