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This year's theme is "Magnificat"! Mary always tried to "magnify" the Lord, to proclaim God's greatness.

Choir Camp balancing act!

Taking a few moments to reflect on the day.

Ms Philpott and Ms Ponten are two of the adult helpers who make sure everything goes smoothly!

Singing God's praise.

What does the music we help to create bring to people at Mass?  Here's what we came up with:  LOVE BEAUTY HOLINESS JOY GLORY STORIES LIFE RESPECT HOPE-HAPPINESS.  What other words can you think of?

See you tomorrow, Campers!

Reflections for today: Mary
  • I feel like Maria is beautiful with her words. I feel like I connected with God and Maria and I’m singing for them.

  • Mary is wonderful but doesn’t brag about her beauty. She humbly gives God all the credit.

  • I love one main thing about Mary. And that is… drum roll please… she said yes. It is the simplest thing in the world, yet so powerful. Because she said yes to God. Because of that yes, everyone was saved. Don’t get me wrong, there are many other things I love about Mary, but if she had said “maybe” or “I’ll think about it,” the world wouldn’t have bene saved.  Instead she just said yes.  And that yes, is everything. Thank you for saying yes, Mary. And we, also, need to say yes.

  • I feel that I am more close to Mary when I am singing, especially “Thou that art so fair and bright.” I love most of the songs that we sing and all the people are so nice. I don’t like getting out of bed in the morning but when I come here I feel so happy.

  • When I sing I start feeling like I am closer to God and Mary because I feel like I am singing a song for God and /or Mary. When I sing, I feel unity, joy, and holiness.

  • Singing brings me closer to Mary, and closer to God through Mary. I love being able to connect with the new people I meet and learning new music. It’s great because it’s a nice community and everyone is a friend.

  • I feel a lot closer to Mary and Jesus through music. Whether it is humming or listening to music or just singing in church, I feel really happy. I feel a call to sing when the opportunities arise.

  • I feel Mary has always had a very special place in my life because she reminds me that God always has a very important job for me and that I always need to just accept it and say “thy will be done.”

  • I think that God made us all special because we can choose what we want to do. And God gives us the opportunity to sing, and learn music and go to Church and Choir Camp can do that.

  • I love singing about Mary because when you sing, talk, or read about her, you get to hear all of the ways she is special and such a great person to learn about and from. She is a great role model and when you sing about her, it’s recognized by people listening. (Also the songs are awesome.) I love learning abuot her and her humbleness and how inspiring she is to everyone.

  • Choir Camp is about learning how to sing with beauty and happiness and fun! (Try it out.)

  • My favorite song about Mary is “Ave Maria” by Perosi. Mary plays a really big role in the lives of women. She is a person I look up to when I need help.

  • I think the Magnificat is a good idea for Choir Camp theme, because it is a word that means a lot to everyone and Magnificat means a lot to Mary. Mary said “my soul magnifies the Lord” and that is all she needed.

  • In Choir Camp my favorite song is called “Go down, Moses.”

  • I see Mary in my mom. My mom is like Mary because she sacrifices a lot of things for us. She sacrifices her work time so we can go places. My dad also sacrifices his work time for us. 

  • When I think of Mary, what comes to mind, are my sisters who always inspire me to praise God, and Mary, and all the saints, and to do my best in every way. I always love learning new songs, because each new song is a new prayer to learn, and sing. I hope that Choir Camp will be here for a long time.

  • I loved that we are learning about Mary. I like Mary. She is so good because she looks up to God and praises him and she is never selfish I don’t believe. I love this church because I feel like I am always heard.

  • I like when we sing it makes Mary feel happy and blessed.

  • I think the music we make is harmony. It’s so beautiful!  I do not want it to stop. I cannot wait for 5 more days.

  • Mary is important in my life. I pray to her every night, and when my mom is trying to find a parking space. I am happy that the Choir Camp theme is about her because then I can learn more about her at camp but I am enjoying camp anyway. Then again Mary is very special and very important to me.


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