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Day Three of Choir Camp began with.... prayer and song!

Our new Youth Minister, Curtis Leighton, led us in Morning Prayer today. He talked about the story of the commandments. Do you remember how many commandments there are in the Hebrew Scriptures?  Hint: it's in the triple digits!

In the afternoon, we went to Skyline at First Hill to present a short concert for the residents.
It was a great chance to share how much we've learned in three short days!

"O praise him! Alleluia!"

Two brave soloists! You sounded great.

At our concert at Skyline at First Hill, Father Ryan accompanied us in "Thou that art so fair and bright." It's always a special treat!

Excerpts from Wednesday's Journals
  • I'm proud. I sang in front of a lot of old people. I enjoyed singing with the rest of the choir!
  • Thank you for teaching me more about music!
  • I have come to Choir Camp every year for four years, and each year is wonderful and different in its own way. But going to Skyline has been an ongoing tradition that holds a special place in my heart. Seeing the joy on their faces as they listen to us praise God puts a smile on my face, and a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart.
  • My favorite part of today was when we performed at Skyline and got our special "treats."
  • I am super happy today was my birthday! I'm also happy that I had a great birthday! I feel proud that I sang and worked HARD! P.S. Ms Sunde is awesome.
  • Today I felt very accomplished because I did my first concert and I think I did really well. I am learning how to improve my singing in a fun way. I hope I can do this again next year so I can continue to learn and meet new people who enjoy learning about singing and God, too. I am looking forward to tomorrow.
  • Today when we sang at Skyline, I felt like our singing brought joy to the seniors and that we can make a big difference in the world, whether it's through music or something else.
  • Today we all performed the songs that we learned. I feel like I accomplished something. I would like to thank Father Ryan for playing the piano for us and Annd for cleaning up our mess! I want to practice going on a high note, and going on a low note.
  • Today I am grateful for my new friends!
  • Well, today was rather fun. We practiced some old songs.
  • Camp was very fun today! I liked when I met new friends at lunch and that we sang for old people.
  • Today I am most proud of making new friends and going to the Skyline senior center to sing for the wonderful delighted elders! I am also thinking of Annd who very kindly cleaned up the mess some people left by the Mary Statue in the courtyard.
  • We went to Skyline to sing for people. It made me happy to see all those people, who probably don't see a lot of kids, smile and have fun. When we were singing a song, one of the ladies was singing along, and that made me smile. We also sang for Anne, who cleaned Mary's little pool. We sang to say thanks. We sang the Ave Maria and Anne started to cry! Today was a very good day for me.
  • I'm proud I got to sing for the people across the street because It made them happy. I also enjoyed eating lunch with everyone.
  • Today at camp was my best day 'cuz we gave a little concert and I'm proud. And we ate ice cream, yeah, yeah!
  • Thank you, Father Ryan, for accompanying us and giving us a familiar face to look at at the Skyline Retirement home concert!
  • Doing a performance for the seniors was really fun and I was really proud of myself and everyone else in Choir Camp. It was fun when afterwards we got ice cream.
  • We did a performance for Skyline. They looked so happy for having company over to sing for them!
  • Thank you, God, for leading us to sing for the old people. Thank you, Father Ryan, for keeping us company. Thank you, Anne, for cleaning the pool.
  • Today we sang at Skyline. I was very happy that I got to sing there again. I saw two people there that remember me and I was so happy about that!
  • Today we sang for the retired people across the street. I could tell they loved our music very much. I had a good time, too. For a "thank you," they gave us ice cream. I loved that part very much as well.

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