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Our young psalmists lead us in song during Morning Prayer.

We worked on an Olympic-themed craft project today... you'll see the results in a day or two!

Making medals out of Sculpey.

We played "Name that tune' with Father Ryan. He got the answer right!

We learned about the symbols of the Olympics and made medals with symbols that captured Choir Camp.

During lunch: a "leaf race" in the Cathedral Courtyard fountain!

Getting up close to the altar with John Marquez

Singing to the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Courtyard. We're not just singing, we're praying!
 "Ave Maris Stella!"

Excerpts from Tuesday's journals
  • I'm grateful for when I made a new friend today.
  • Today we learned new songs and had lots of fun together. When I sing I feel joy. I'm grateful for my family and my home. I knew God was with me when we were praying this morning.
  • Today was one of my favorite days here in the camp because I made friends and I like to be here. I learn, I play, I sing and many other things.
  • Sometimes when I sing, it makes me feel happy inside. I feel grateful to be here. When we all went to the Chapel, I knew that God was with us.
  • I like being here because it's fun. At the start I felt nervous because I didn't have a friend. But now I feel happy, because I have a friend.
  • Today was the second day of Choir Camp. I'm grateful for my family! I love them soooooo much and they love me back just as much! They have alwasy been there for me and are soooooo supportive in everything I do! They always make me feel better when I'm sad, and help me when I need help. Everyday, I think about how much I love them and how grateful I am for them! A moment I knew God was with me today was in Morning Praise. The two candles I was watching were still and I was thinking about how God controls them and makes them move. As I was listening to the story being told, I continued to watch them. Then, they started flickering, and I knew God was right there!
  • Camp was very fun today! I felt that God was with me when we sang "Thou that art so fair and bright" by the Mary Statue. When I sing, I feel like I am free and I feel joyful and calmed.
  • A moment when God was with me was when I won a soccer game. I knew God helped me be strong and be enthusiastic. I also knew God was with me when I was playing with my friends.
  • When I sing I feel serene. God was with me when I was singing in the Church.
  • When I sing in front of people, I feel more and more confident.
  • Today I am grateful for friends. On the first day of camp, I knew most of the people at camp, but there were still new people and I became friends with one and she is really nice.
  • While I was singing I felt joyful because I could just let out my voice and sing. Also, when I sing I feel confident and maybe I will do some more solos! I am grateful for St. James because their camps are fun and teach things about singing to kids. It's great! Today we got to sing in the Church. It sounds so good! :)
  • Today I recognized God when I saw my friend helping two girls sitting next to her. Even though they speak little English and mainly Spanish, and my friend knows little Spansih, she made sure that they knew where we were with the music at any given moment, and she made them feel welcome.
  • I knew God was with us when we entered the Chruch. When I sing I feel God in my heart.
  • I am grateful for friends. I know most of the people here now. I mostly felt grateful for friends when we went outside for lunch. We played with jump ropes!!
  • I knew God was with me when God gave me help in Choir Camp through kind, helpful, and friendly people.  When I sing I feel unique and part of something important.
  • A moment I knew God was with me was when I was singing "The Lord is my shepherd." I really felt his presence in the room.
  • A moment when I knew God was with me was when we were singing the Alleluia song where we jump up and be silly--that was my favorite moment of the day so far. I am grateful for all my new friends I have made as well as spend my week at St. James, my second home.
  • Singing is so important. Some of the songs have been around for hundreds of years and yet are still sung regularly. The Medieval songs are the ones I love best. Unfortunately, we don't sing many, but when we do, I love to think about who might have sung the song before me, a peasant maybe, a crusader returning from Palestine, a friar, a pilgrim, maybe even the king.
  • I knew God was with me when I had a good talk with my sister. I am grateful for my cool, awesome sister.
  • When I sing, I feel like I'm not on this earth anymore. I feel like I'm flying and all I can thiink about are the lyrics that come next. I'm in another world  and nobody else but me is there.




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