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Day Four of Morning Prayer--we are pros now!

Mr. Matthew Johnson, a former Choir Camper himself, now accompanies us on the organ!

Ms. Brenda Bellamy explains why a Cathedral is a cathedral. Do you remember?

Here's what most of our day looks like: working hard in the Choir Room, to prepare for making music in...

...the Cathedral!  Amazing how good we sound in here. :)

Don't forget tomorrow is our big concert! 1:30pm. All are welcome!

Quiet time to draw pictures of heaven. :)

One of our Jubilate! volunteers dazzles everyone with a piece by Mozart on the violin. Such talent!!!

The Wall of Choir Camp Fame!! Do you remember making these medals on Tuesday?
Go, Team-Choir-Camp-USA!

Symbols of camp include musical notes, hearts, and stars!

The butterfly is an image of the resurrection.
Beautiful work, everyone!

Excerpts from Thursday's Journals!
  • I put a shell and a musical note on my medal that I made the other day. The shell represents St. James and the music note represents the choir. So on the top ofthe medal I wrote "St. James" and on the bottom of the medal I wrote "Choir Camp." I used a cookie cutter to make a small circle which I made into a smiley face and I also did a star and put marks around it to show it is bright!
  • I made a medal: the reason I chose to make it that was becauuse it was the only 3D thing I could think of.
  • I made my medal to be half Olympic, half Christian.
  • The Angel Gabriel is my favorite song because it tells a very important story and when you sing it, it sounds really cool. My medals are really cool. One has the symbol of the cross and some cool designs, and the other has a 3-D drawing of a star on it.
  • Today is Thursday and one of the topics is a thank you note. I want to thank the person who started the Choir Camp. Also, tomorrow is the concert, and I feel happy because I get to sing and maybe make some people cry and to me that means the music meant something to them. Today in Chapel the person had us thinka bout something that is or was hard for you. I thought about my friend's dad, who died of cancer.
  • Thank you, everyone that has helped make this possible. I met two new friends! I love learning new songs and singing.
  • Today I feel really happy about the concert tomorrow.
  • I had a very good day today. It is not over yet, but it's very close to being over. I have not much to say. Nothing is in my brain.
  • Today is a beautiful day because it is fun and I like it because it is a long day.
  • I loved going to the Chapel today becauuse of Brenda's reading/reflection. I had a lot of fun in the Cathedral. And with my friend. I am so excited for tomorrow's concert!
  • Today I laughed so much! Now, I know many songs and I made amedal. The medal that I did is about stars that are so awesome.
  • For my medal, I carved a heart with a leave in it. The heart represents my love for music and singing. And of course the leaf (palm) represents victory and freedom, because I feel like I have won this week. I'm so glad I came to this camp and I can't wait to come next year and the year to come! I met some wonderful friends and staff!
  • "Thou that art so fair and bright" is my favorite song because half of it is in Latin, and Latin totally rocks. It was used by the learned in the Middle Ages. Actually, there's a Latin Quarter in Paris where the medieval university was.
  • I would like to thank Ms. Sunde for teaching me all these great songs.
  • Today me and the whole gang ate lunch together. It was fun.
  • Tomorrow, we get to perform a concert for our parents. I am really excited to perform "Let's praise Christ with joy" (Chimwewe) and also "The Angel Gabriel." Even though it's for Christmas, I love to sing it anyway. Besides the fact that camp will be over, I'm really excited for tomorrow. And Sunday at Church. :)
  • Today was a great day. We practiced in teh Cathedral a little bit and we are going to listen to a violin recital. I am excited that tomorrow we get to perform and show everybody the skills we have learned, but I am a little sad that Choir Camp ends tomorrow. I hope we do really well in the concert tomorrow. I am super excited for all the cool stuff we get to do tomorrow!
  • Thank you, Father Ryan, for everything you have done to help us.
  • We saw how our Olympic medals came out. I put a mustache on mine!




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