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Each day at Choir Camp begins the right way--with morning prayer!

Here's where we spend most of our time, singing and learning how to give glory to God through music.

Of course, there are also moments like this....

...and like this! 
We studied John Bunyan's great poem about pilgrims today.  What is a hobgoblin, exactly?

Hobgoblin, nor foul Fiend,
Can daunt his Spirit:
He knows, he at the end,
Shall Life Inherit.
Then Fancies fly away,
He'l fear not what men say,
He'l labour Night and Day,
To be a Pilgrim.

Practicing entering the Cathedral to celebrate Mass.

It's fun racking up steps on our pedometers!

Today we learned about another journey--Journey of Faith, a history of the Church in Western Washington in comic book format.  After Corinna's talk, we all got to write our won stories in comic book format.

Thinking of an idea...


More teamwork. :)

Drawing in pencil and then inking in our designs.

Lots more to come!  Great work, artists!

Brave young conductors...!

 It's always good to pause and reflect at the end of the day. Our journals are a great way to do that.
Have a great evening, campers.  You're more than half way through!

Special thanks for today's photos, Ms. Ryan, Ms. Adler, and Ms. Fox!

What happened today? 
Which of the songs we are learning are your favorites?

My favorite song is “Dum Pater” because it’s not happy or too sad.  I liked Mass because the singing sounded really nice.

Just a couple days before choir camp, my eyes opened much wider to God and his true existence.  I went to Mass.  And then adoration, and how God is less of a hazy imaginative figure, God has become more of a reality.  I think that sometimes we get busy and God fades in our minds, we need to keep reminding ourselves of who he is, we can’t take communion for granted.  We must always remember that God is real and truly in the Eucharist.  He is not some character from an old story, half believed and easily pushed aside.  He built our whole universe, so when you think that our whole world shouldn’t be centered on Christ, remember that God is the reason for our existence.

Today we did art.  It was kind of hard, but I learned that it doesn’t matter how much time there is, it just matters that you think you were the best you could be.  I like the song “The Way of St. James” because it is really soothing and calming to me. I learned to play on the piano, the “Angelorum” part!

I am having such a great time and I am learning so much.  My favorite songs so far are the “Panis Angelicus,” “Magnificat,” and “Thou that art so fair and bright.” Can’t wait for tomorrow and learning more songs!

My favorite song is either “Two Fishermen” or “Let’s praise Christ with joy.”  I like them both because they are different from what we usually sing.

I have enjoyed “Panis Angelicus.”  I like the rhythm and beat to the song.  Choir Camp is fun and exciting.  I like doing the pilgrimage and getting stamps.

My favorite songs are Charpentier’s “Magnificat” and “Let’s praise Christ with joy (Chimwemwe).”

Having fun with art class, lunch time, Mass, singing praise to God, Ms Sunde’s cheerful voice, Ms. Gilmore’s smile, making friends.

Choir Camp is so fun!  I wish I had Choir Camp every day!  My favorite music to sing is “Panis Angelicus” because it is a very peaceful piece.

I am learning songs so fast this week!  I can already sing confidently things that I have never heard before this week!  Right before Mass I was really hungry, but after I had communion I wasn’t hungry at all!  Also, after I got out of the church, I felt so happy and I didn’t notice the chill.  The art lesson we got was fun and interesting as we learned about how to make a comic book.  It was really nice to sing songs I knew by heart, or almost by heart, and songs from earlier years.  I love being by the Cathedral and seeing how big and majestic it is!  I like all the surprises each day brings, and how, when you get to camp, you don’t know what you’re going to be doing that day.  I can’t wait to see what the next surprises will be!

My favorite thing I did today was the art class.  Why?  Because I love to draw and also drawing about people.

Today someone came to Morning Praise.  She wanted to see what our choir sounded like.  I heard she was one of the best choir leaders in the Northwest if not country (!!!).  But for some reason I wasn’t scared.  After that we did art and made comic books on choir.  Then we sang, sang, and sang some more.  Then we had Mass in the Chapel.  It was a fun day!

I’ve enjoyed camp so far and I’m excited to know what will happen next.  We had our first art project today and we made a comic book about choir camp.  I learned a lot about St. James and I hope to learn more.

I feel excited when I get communion and very, very hungry and thirsty.

The Journey of Faith!  Today in the morning we did morning praise, then came back and practiced our vocals, after that we had snacks.  We bobbed up and down in the hallways to hit our heads on the fabric stretched sort of across the ceiling.  Today I was an honor student which made me really happy and proud of myself.  I also have the Journey of Faith book at home.

What I liked about today was the drawing which was also drawing books.

My favorite class today was the art one.  We drew comics about a non-fic story about Choir Camp.  It went by super fast!  During Mass, we sang a few songs, prayed, and had communion.  During the quick breaks, we had lunch, snacks, and played jump rope which was fun.  I hope we do similar things on Thursday as well!

Today was a very fun day!  In the morning we prayed. Then we went to an art class and made comic books about Choir Camp.  That was pretty cool!  Then we practiced music and sang at Mass.  Lunch was fun.  I ate and I played jump rope with my friends.  Choir Camp is so fun!  I am new here and I feel very welcome.  I love the activities here and look forward to more fun!

I feel good here.  It’s a bit crazy, although I made some friends here that I can feel comfortable around.  This Choir Camp is very long though, but it’s fun, all these people here are really nice and outgoing!  Today we got to do art and be partnered up! We got to do Mass in the Chapel room and sing!  It’s quite cold outside.  Our snacks were great.

I made a comic today.  I wanna be a programmer when I grow up!

My favorite song is “Nostra phalans” and “Thou that art so fair and bright”!  I love these songs because the emotions that they put into my heart are remarkable!  They make a sense of calmness and joyfulness come flowing through me in my heart.

Today I experienced how to make comic books and what they steps are and how they do them.  I feel really happy that I went to Choir Camp this year.  It has been really fun and I will come again next year.  I can’t wait for the concert on Friday, that is always the best part of Choir Camp.

My favorite song is “Thou That Art So Fair and Bright” because it is cheerful.

My favorite song is “Let’s Praise Christ with Joy (Chimwemwe)” because it is a fun song where you get to slide on some notes.

One of my favorite things that we did today was making our comic strip of our journey through Choir Camp.  It was really fun drawing and seeing everybody else’s idea for the comic strip.  It reminded me of all the great moments that happened in Choir Camp.

Today we went to Mass and after I was filled with a great sense of peace.  I am having a great week of camp, I enjoy learning about St. James the Greater.  My favorite song is “Let’s Praise Christ with Joy” and I have met a lot of new friends, and I get to help them in the same way I was helped when I first joined choir.

My favorite song is “Let’s Praise Christ with Joy” that is because it is in a different language and it is very jazzy.  I also like “Magnificat” and “Thou That Art So Fair and Bright.”  I love music!

Camp is very fun to me because I can learn new things and have fun, make new friends, and sing church songs and in the performance.

Choir Camp so far has been a refreshing experience. Seeing old friends, and meeting new ones has been invigorating and enjoyable.  It is different from other years (as always) but a good different.

We went to a short little Mass, and I got a cut and I got new music.

Today we snag “Thou That Art So Fair and Bright.” I love that song because it’s perfect for my voice!  We also went to Mass and I really enjoyed the homily.  It was very funny yet still very faithful and it brought joy to me!  I hope tomorrow is as lovely as today was!

Today was great!  We did an art project, drawing a part of a comic about Choir Camp.  We also celebrated Mass in the Chapel.  The day was set back later, so I write now at 1:45, compared to our average.  As far as I know, we will not be playing the organ, which is good and bad, because I still need to work on the piece I plan to share but it’s fun…

I felt very refreshed after the holy Communion as if the weight on my shoulders has been lifted.  I also really enjoyed making the comic strips and drawing them.

Today we did art.  We told stories about Choir Camp in comic book form.  I told about singing Alleluia and the big HEY! LOLZ!  My favorite song is “Panis Angelicus.”

Today Quinn did the psalm with me. He was feeling very nervous but he did fantabuloso!  I felt like I really helped him because I was there encouraging and cheering him on.  I feel like I know everybody much better than last year.  YAY!

My favorite song so far is “Let’s Praise Christ with Joy” and a song form Morning Praise, “Laudate Dominum.”

I feel like I have more energy and am fresher after taking communion.  I feel excited and adventurous about our next journey.

It was so fun.  Emily and I chased people again today and one of them chased us!  And King Glitter has returned.  Yay Pokemon!

My favorite thing that we did today was just hanging out with my friends.  But that might change since I just heard we will be going on a mini-pilgrimage.  I’m very excited to go on it, sing, and spend time with my friends.

My favorite song is “Magnificat,” “Nostra phalans,” “Panis Angelicus,” because it sounds nice.




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