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Starting the day with morning prayer in the Cathedral Chapel.

"'Tis good, Lord, to be here!"


John Marquez, sacristan, told us a little about his own faith journey. 
Have you ever been homesick?
Have you ever been "homesick" for God?

Hard at work in the Choir Room under the watchful eye of St. James!

Break time in the Cathedral Courtyard

In the afternoon, we had a visit from Paulette and Michelle, who came to tell us about their pilgrimage to the shrine of Saint James in Spain.

These are their hiking boots which carried them more than 300 miles!

In Spain, each pilgrim is given a passport which is stamped at each stop along the way.

At the very end of the journey, the pilgrim receives a "compostela," a certificate that they really did make this amazing journey!

After Paulette and Michelle's talk, they led us on a pilgrimage around the Cathedral block.  We walked at the same pace they walked in Spain... just not quite as far!

Afterward, we each got a stamp in our passport.

More practice on the big organ!

Have a great Tuesday, campers!  See you tomorrow!

Special thanks to Ms. Ryan for today's photos!
What is in your heart this afternoon?


  • During all of today I felt: excitement, joy, thankfulness, happy, etc.  I could go on and on but I’ll just say that I felt love.  I am here with people that I love and get to know them better.

  • I love working on my voice, hanging out with friends, playing the piano, the “field trips,” snacks! SINGING!

  • It was fun learning notes on the piano and I loved Miss Gilmore’s encores. I really enjoyed learning how to sing in Malawian. It has been nice meeting new people and seeing old friends. This is a very accepting and supportive environment.  If you make a mistake they don’t make it into a big deal. The people here are very friendly.  It’s easy to make friends.  It’s a fun and enjoyable experience.

  • I have been having so much fun at Choir Camp seeing all my friends from regular Thursday choir and meeting new people.  I can’t wait for tomorrow!  I am also getting closer to God by learning about all the saints and all about the people he set on earth.  My favorite part of Choir Camp so far is the amazing music and all the amazing people who put their time into coming here.

  • I’ve had lots of fun today singing and playing the piano.  I’m happy that there are at least three more days of Choir Camp.

  • My journey so far in choir Camp is pretty incredible.  I’m learning a bunch of new things such as how special my voice is, how to play piano, and new people.  Today we met some pilgrims who took the journey to finis terrae.  Then we got a simulation of what they went through.  Someday I wish I could do that.  Even though we’re technically all pilgrims, I want to take the trip to Santiago.

  • Today I had an interesting experience. I was pulled out of piano session and was given a piece of music to work on with one of the Jubilate and I realized later that while reciting it with the rest of the group that I made a quite large mistake and nobody had made rude remarks about it.

  • I have never walked a pilgrimage so I thought it was a lot of fun. The piano was difficult but lots of fun, I am excited to play our piano at home.

  • I enjoyed playing the piano piece on the organ and I loved learning more about the Camino since I have seen it and I already know so much about it.  I love Choir Camp!

  • I’m having a good time learning piano for the first time ever and about St. James.

  • I loved the organ lesson!  It was fun listening to other people playing and enjoying the music!  Another thing I enjoyed was the warm-ups early this morning.  They are so fun!  Although today was really hot, it was fun.

  • I loved when Ms. Sunde saw the whiteboard.  Playing jump rope with friends.  Our organ lesson.

  • I had fun at piano lessons.  I am a former piano student but forgot everything in the past two years, so it was a good refresher.  Lunch was fun, too.  I ate (of course) and then I did cup stacking with friends.  Today was really fun!  No more space to write though.

  • It is fun and exciting here.  People are friendly and nice.  I like Choir Camp because I get to meet new people and I get to sing in the summer.  My journey/pilgrimage is meeting God and exploring.

  • I felt more confident about doing solos because I know for sure that my choirmates won’t laugh if I make a mistake.

  • Today was better, I got to play the organ, and that was fun.  We learned about the Camino itself, and now I do and don’t want to journey the great journey.  But, I have time.  Otherwise, I don’t really know what to say.

  • Today was awesome it was so great and so fun.  My friend and I ran around and caught people in our arms and did a one two (and sometimes three) and let go!

  • I really enjoyed it when I got to go to organ and listen to all the wonderful music it makes!  I also liked when I sat with some new friends at snack.  It rocked!  It is always fun making friends.

  • My experience at Choir Camp has been a lot of fun but it has also been exhausting because of all the fun things we do.

  • I got to play the piano and do songs with the piano and I got to see how the piano plays and I got to sing some songs.

  • My experience of learning the piano and Choir Camp itself is (kinda) great.  Because of my earlier experience of playing the clarinet, I already know how to read music.  Choir Camp’s time flies by because we are preoccupied and are having so much FUN!

  • I feel great!  I finally did my first real solo and it felt great.  I think if you just go up, take a deep breath, and just sing it will be awesome, and even if you mess up no one will judge you and they are always forgiving.  My day was awesome.

  • I totally loved the journey around the building of St. James with two women. 

  • I feel good here.  I am experiencing about how to play the organ.  I am also experiencing my singing voice!

  • I am having so much fun meeting new friends and doing fun stuff, singing, singing, and more singing!  I loved eating lunch and doing the cup song and teaching it too!  I had lots of fun and hopefully will have even more later this week.

  • My experience in everything in camp is very fun and new to me because it will help in the future to do things too.

  • My favorite is the psalmody.

  • Ms. Sunde asked us to write about our overall experience at Choir Camp so far.  I have enjoyed having lunch/snack breaks with my friends, taking organ lessons, and of course singing.  So far Choir Camp has been great, and I can’t wait for the rest!

  • My experience as a chorister at St. James at this camp has been so great and productive for me!  I have already made a new friend along with coming closer with my old ones.  Also, we are working on a song I’ve been dying to know—Let’s praise Christ.

  • I’m feeling excited about taking organ lessons.  I’m feeling accomplished with my day.  I’m feeling tired with everything we have done so far this week.

  • I feel excited to be part of a week of singing, having fun, and being with my friends every day, despite it being exhausting both on my voice and my body.  Everything is super fun, and I can’t believe this is only my 5th year coming to camp.

  • I had so much fun learning about the organ and how you can play from a different organ pipe.

  • Today I sang in front of others, which is always a challenge for me.  But after singing solo, I feel more confident.  I am really liking the songs for this year’s Choir Camp.  So far in camp, I have met and befriended some new people, and become closer to old friends.  When the two women came and talked to us about walking the Camino de Santiago, it was really interesting to hear about their experiences.

  • Much more fun than a normal lunch even though lunches are pretty funny with siblings.  Interesting that I found it tiring to walk so slow.  And I learned that three other special friends are also homeschooled.

  • I learned that, to be a singer, you will have to be singing alone and it isn’t that hard.  I learned new languages—Latin, English, Spanish.  I learned that if you are a pilgrim it is sometimes hard to walk.  And you have to live with getting blisters!

  • I feel joyful, excited, nervous, scared, and worried.

  • Today when I think of St. James I think it is kind of fun in a way. Some of the things I think are fun are playing the organ.

  • Today 30 seconds before Morning Praise, Ms. Sunde pulled me out and told me I was doing the psalm.  Instead of freaking out I remained calm because I knew my friends wouldn’t laugh at me, even if I was sightreading.  AT lunch I hung out on planet unpractical with all my friends.  I was so happy.

  • I enjoyed my experience at Choir Camp, especially playing the organ.  It was hard to sing a solo but I got used to it.  All in all I’m having a really fun time at camp.

  • Today I liked all the singing at the voice group.  It was all about YOUR voice.  J Piano was also fun.  Lunch was nice.  I sat with some of my new friends.  After we played jump rope which was fun!  Pilgrims told us about Santiago.





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