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Cheerfully headed to Morning Prayer on Day 4 of Choir Camp

Our psalmists today

Snack time!

Headed over to Skyline at First Hill to perform a mini-concert for our neighbors!

Solo time!  :)

Rocking our Malawi headscarves.

Cello accompaniment.... lovely!

Jumping rope after lunch

A tour of the attic of the Cathedral.  Whoa....

Keyboarding with Mr. Libra in the afternoon

Choir Camp couldn't happen without our parent volunteers.
Yay, moms!!!!!

Special thanks to Ms. Fox for the great photos of today's adventures.

All are welcome to the CHOIR CAMP CONCERT!
Friday, August 15 at 2:00pm


Please be there!

What happened today?  What did you learn?

What I learned about the Cathedral’s dome was that the dome was right above the big “eye” of God.

Today I went on a tour of the Cathedral.  We went into the attic and looked through the skylight.  I was too afraid to get really high on the ladder, so I couldn’t see the altar below. It’s alright that I didn’t do it, no one was forcing me, but it sort of reminds me of the spiritual life.  Sometimes we are so afraid of being hurt or punished or trapped into big responsibility, that we aren’t brave enough to give ourselves to God and see true happiness.  The only way we will have rest is if we overcome our fear and put our faith in Christ.

My favorite part of the attic is looking through the oculus and being up on top of the roof!  I also loved learning about St. James!

I loved going up to the attic (for the ten billion and first time) and looking over the side of the oculus at the altar.

The Cathedral attic.  The dome was scvary.  I had no idea that the ceiling was held by cables.  I became a scholar.  We had a performance at Skyline.

My favorite piece of music is “Magnificat” because of how it sounds and how the piano works into the vocal party, and my favorite word in the whole piece is “principio.” I liked going through the Cathedral and looking at all the artwork.  My favorite part of the day was going up in the attic.  It felt like a maze with all the catwalks and ladders and that part was really fun.  It was exciting going up the ladder, looking over and down, down, down the oculus and down on the altar.  It looked like a beam of light on the altar; today was fun.

My favorite piece of music is “To be a pilgrim” because it tells all about the journey of our life!

My favorite song is “Magnificat” because I love the tune and the way the lyrics feel when you sing them.  It also gives my voice some challenges which is great because I’m better with lower notes so I like expanding my vocal range.

I think we did great in the concert.  I feel proud that we made some people cry out of joy.  I also felt good about playing the organ, I loved how Mary Elizabeth played the cello.

I like “Nostra phalans” because it has a very cool and likable beat to the song.

Everything was really cool and I have a lot of favorite pieces so I’ll just state a few:  Secrets, Love Song, Buttercup, All Shook Up, Can’t Help Falling in Love, She’s in Love, Don’t be Cruel.  The attic was so cool—looking down at the altar was crazy cool.

What I like about today was when we went to the attic.  I thought it was cool.

My favorite piece of music so far is “Panis Angelicus.”  I love the melody and how it’s very peaceful!  The pilgrimage was really exciting.  My favorite part was looking over the dome (from the top) into the church, it wasn’t scary, just fun.  Next time I look up there I will know I was up there.  How cool, right?  Today I also got my coin!  Mine was from Spain.  It weighed really heavy, though, compared to a quarter.  I hope we do some fun things tomorrow, too!

My favorite song is “Magnificat” because it is a very beautiful song.  Today was awesome.  We performed a concert at Skyline, the senior home across the street from the Cathedral.  Then we got to explore the Cathedral’s attic.  It was so cool, and I had so much fun. 

I like all the songs I sing!  Today we went on a tour and played the organ.  We went up into the attic.  It was freaky and hot in there!  Today was long and almost over.  We got to play a few games, music games.  In lunch I made some new friends.  I like some other people too, but I’m a bit shy so I might not be able to make friends with them.  Well today was good and exciting.  Morning went well I was tired though, but it wore off.

I went up in the attic today.  IT WAS AWESOME!!!

My favorite part of the Cathedral tour was the attic!  My favorite part of the attic was the skylight.  It was so exhilarating!

My favorite piece of music would be “Panis Angelicus” because it is such a beautiful sound and that is the song I could sing the best.

One thing that surprised me in the Cathedral was the dome. Before, I thought that the people who lowered the stars at Christmas would stand comfortably in a large, circular white room above the opening while slowly lowering the stars down.  I even thought I would see that today!

What surprised me most about the Cathedral is that there are so many wires up in the attic and I didn’t know the stars on the ceiling in the Mary candlelighting room were the stars in the sky on the Cathedral’s birthday.

My favorite piece that we sing is “Magnificat” because I really like the flow and tune of the song.  I really like to flow through the high notes.

“Let’s Praise Christ with Joy” is one of my favorite songs because of its spunky rhythm and it is a very fast moving song.  One more favorite is “This is the feast.” I enjoy singing this song because of its powerful and meaningful lyrics.

What really surprised me in the Cathedral was that the door had a story on it because I’ve never looked at it.

What I liked about the Cathedral is the attic how the dome was.  You could look at the inside of the Cathedral and the creepy part was the creaky stairs.

My favorite song that we sing in Choir Camp is “Let’s Praise Christ with Joy.”  I like this song because it is fun to sing and it’s very energetic, and you feel happy when you sing it.  I also like the other language that goes with the English.

I like “Magnificat” because it’s long, hard, challenging and really fun.  It’s awesome!  As Emily says, AWESOMESAUCE!

My favorite piece of music is “Magnificat.”  I liked when we went up in the attic and looked down from the dome.

It was so fun in the attic and looking at the skylight dome, but sort of creepy.

The attic was so cool!  I was amazed that the ceiling hung on by wires.  CREEPY!  I like “Magnificat” and “The Way of St. James.”

My favorite piece to sing is the “Magnificat” because it is fun to sing and we sound great singing it.

I really like to sing “Let’s Praise Christ with Joy” because it has a nice rhythm and it’s fun to sing.

My favorite piece of music we’ve learned in Camp is probably “Chimwemwe,” a song from the festival in Malawi.  I enjoy the quick pace and simplicity.  We went to the Cathedral’s attic today, and I was amazed at how high the oculus was!

My favorite piece of music to sing is now “Two Fishermen.”  I love how much joy goes into that song.  Also today we went up in the church tower!  I have to admit I was a bit scared.  But what makes me feel better is knowing that God is there for me.

I loved today because I rocked it and got a coin from Korea!

My favorite piece of music to sing is either “Thou That Art So Fair and Bright” or “Nostra phalans.”  Both pieces are familiar to me and I enjoy singing them.  (I’ve also memorized at least the first verse of each one.)

My favorite piece is “Nostra phalans” because it is really cool and also the tune is also nice and it’s also fun to sing it.




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