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Yes, it's that time of year again!

Look who was standing out on Terry Avenue to greet us...

...and lead us into morning prayer!

Father Ryan told us about this very old, old image of St. James
and about relics. Do you remember why we venerate relics of the saints?


Another image of St. James...

Drawing maps of the world is just one of many surprising tasks
our terrific volunteers are called on to do!

Do you know what all these cities have in common?

That's a big gourd!  Do you know what James' gourd is for?

Mary Elizabeth on the cello.  Lovely!

The cathedral's assistant organist, Sam Libra, demonstrates on the Rosales Organ.

Showing how it's done...

Flip-flops on the pedals!??

A surprise visitor peeks in the choir room in the afternoon.

Special thanks to Ms Ryan and Ms Fox for today's photos!

What did you learn about St. James today?
How are you like St. James?


  • I am like Saint James because I am patient.
  • Saint James was a fisher, pilgrim, and traveler all in one.
  • St. James was a traveler, last summer I went on a road trip through the east coast.  I think that made us alike because we both travel.
  • About St. James.  I never knew that all these places were named after him. This summer I wanted to do some fishing and I noticed that St. James fished a lot.  This week I hope I learn everything that I need to know about St. James and that I know everyone in the room.
  • I’m like St. James because he goes fishing and he listens to God.
  • Saint James was a great saint who made a long journey to help people with their spiritual needs. The virtue I would like to learn is obedience and obey my parents the same way he listened to and obeyed Jesus.
  • Saint James fished with fishermen and he walked to see Jesus and he wears a shell.
  • St. James has traveled far and I think I have too, spiritually and physically.  He enjoyed fish and I enjoy it too.  I learned that St. James was a great leader even after he died.
  • Saint James always wore a shell.  He liked to walk across countries.  He was a leader.  He was close to God and he was a fisherman.
  • I am similar to St. James because he was close to God.  I learned today that St. James wasn’t good at just one thing but he was good at many things just like me, and he didn’t do things just to get prizes but to help others, and I think we all should learn from that.
  • I think that I am close to St. James because he was a leader and so am I. (He also fished and I do too.)
  • I like to travel and so does St. James.
  • I learned that St. James (the church) is named after St. James.  Jesus called him to be a fisher of men.  Anybody who travels is a kind of pilgrim.  People traveled a long way to go and be close to St. James.  I learned that the shell shows that it is St. James.
  • St. James was a person who wore seashells and took a lot of journeys to know the meaning of God!  He was a special person who would pray to God many times and loved God.  St. James was also a person who cared for others and was a quiet leader!  He was also very unique too!  I learned that the San means St. and Diego means James!
  • St. James was a fisherman with a long journey. He followed Jesus in his path.  Today we learned about his big journey and we did a journey today while we learned about his.  Today was very fun and I look forward to the rest of the week.
  • Saint James journeyed a long way to do Jesus’ work.  He left everything he had, when Jesus said to.  If Jesus were to ask that of me, I’d try to do the same.  Also, Saint James traveled a lot and I like to travel too, especially if the reasoning was because I was called by Jesus Christ.
  • Becoming closer to St. James through this camp has inspired me to become a leader, not only a follower.
  • Saint James went on a walk to understand God better.  I actually didn’t know much about him until today.  Jesus called him to be a fisherman of men.
  • Today I have always wondered if James liked to eat or not.  Also I learned that James had a long journey to find out about God’s will.  Also there are about 10 St. James churches.
  • Well, St. James was called to be a fisher of men.  He traveled I don’t quite know how I currently relate to him, but maybe I can learn how to relate to or be like St. James.  And then I could learn how to be even closer to God.
  • St. James was a great man who took a Journey across thousands of miles and I think I am similar to St. James because I love to walk and he works really hard to get to where he is going and he never gave up.
  • I bet St. James would like to fish if he were here now!
  • St. James loves to walk and go on journeys. I love to go on journeys too! I learned that every day in life will be a new journey, there are always new things to discover even if it’s just something simple like learning how to play a song on the piano.
  • He was a follower of Christ and I am as well.  He also fished and I have fished as well.  I also learned that he wore a seashell either around his neck or on his chest and I like to make necklaces out of seashells.
  • St. James was a St. who was very close to Jesus.  I feel like St. James when I pray, sing, and in general just PRAISE GOD  I feel like if I can proclaim God’s word, I can be closer to St. James as well as God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
  • I learned about St. James because it is my first time seeing statues of him and visiting choir camp and it was also fun singing and when I was here this morning I was nervous but now I am happy to be here.
  • Saint James traveled around the world for God, to Italy, France, and Spain which I would like to do. Also, he was a fisherman, I like fish too.
  • What I experienced today that is close to what St. James has felt is determination.  When we were in the middle of rehearsing some songs, I got very tired from standing and from the heat. But I pushed myself until we were done. Just like St. James did when he traveled around to spread the word of God.
  • Saint James went on a long journey that reminds us that we are all pilgrims.
  • St. James was determined to be close to God, and walked from Israel to Spain in prayer for that reason.
  • I walked part of the Camino de Santiago when I was on my way back from Santiago.  St. James also walked the Camino. It was amazing that I walked the path of the Camino.
  • Saint James was a good person and helped people.
  • I like to journey and travel just as St. James and I feel that by walking with God I will get closer to him as well as getting closer to my friends and family.  I learned about the scallop shell representing St. James.  Love is beauty to those who understand it.
  • St. James traveled and I traveled.  We both are Catholic people.  We’re both leaders.
  • I love seashells and before I didn’t know that it was his symbol.  I’ve been to Italy and saw a great statue of him with seashells around him.
  • I felt a similarity to St. James because I have travelled a lot and when I was in Lebanon, I visited a few places where St. James might have gone with Jesus. And also, the church I went to was partly in the language he would have spoken.  I also like hiking and walking, like he did.  I also like seashells.  I hope to travel a lot more in the future.  I’m super, super excited for the rest of the week!
  • St. James was a fisher of men.  But he started out just a regular person like you and me.  Which proves we can be saints too.  Yay.
  • Body: St. James is good at mending things. I also have this skill.  Heart: St. James followed his beliefs and went the distance. I don’t mind being different and I think I would also go the distance.  Mind: he was willing to follow what God told him to do. I like to think that I would do that as well.
  • If God wants us to do something he will give us the grace we need.  We need only ask for it.  St. James was a great example for how nothing is too much to do when God asks us to do it, if it’s what he wants us to do.  He is the almighty Lord and his wish is for what he wants us to do always what needs to be done. I do not believe that God would give us a task he knows that we can’t achieve even though we can’t do something at one point in our lives doesn’t mean we won’t be able to accomplish our goals and overcome our weaknesses later on.




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