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Our day began with prayer.  All week long, we are singing a beautiful hymn, "As birds of the air,"
by Adam M. L. Tice. The words fit perfectly with our theme for this week, In your midst as one who serves:

Even still, there remain people lost in their pain:
Needing food, dry with thirst, all alone.
And yet, God has supplied enough goods to divide
If we turn from our fear, hate, and greed.
We can answer a prayer with our love, grace, and care,
and through us God can meet every need.

Mr. Tice writes to Dr. Savage: "What a blessing to hear that you are using my words!  Please tell your campers that I got my start in music by singing in children's choirs and in church.  The songs that they sing now will be with them for the rest of their lives (which is an intimidating thought for those of us who write and teach).  May God bless them all generously with music and friendship, just as they bless one another. Peace to all of you, Adam"  

This morning, Teddi Callahan, Director of the Cathedral Kitchen, talked to us about the work of the kitchen. Every month, around 5,000 people come hungry to the Cathedral, wanting to be fed.  And somehow, thanks to God's grace and the generosity of so many people, who give food, money, and time, all of them are fed.

Our Psalmists for today.  What a beautiful sound!

Stretching excercises.

A class with Mr. Rondello

Making music is serious stuff.

Mr. Castro

Break time!

Soaking in some sun after a busy morning.

After lunch, it was time to help out in the kitchen.  We set the tables....

And assembled forty sack lunches...

...and goofed around a bit.

Our youth volunteers gave a shout out to our city's bus drivers!


What is the most interesting thing you’ve learned so far in Choir Camp?

  • I have learned that when you sing, it’s not about just singing, it’s how you believe you can sing.
  • How to shape your vowels
  • The “Ave Maria” by Charles Gounod
  • Most interesting:  minister game time
  • Systems
  • The most interesting thing I’ve learned is how Father Ryan thought of “I am in your midst as one who serves” and that it used to be an attic
  • The most interesting thing has got to be just learning all the songs, and this Latin! (and Greek)
  • The most interesting thing I’ve learned at camp so far is, well… everything :)  I like it all, and I’m having fun with my friends.
  • The most interesting thing is the organ.
  • Learning how to see measures (in music).
  • I have learned that a lot of the new people are not shy at all and they are really nice.
  • Singing in Greek
  • All the activities
  • I loved learning new songs and games in the field and in the choir room.
  • The Senior Chorister award.
  • So far the most interesting thing I’ve learned at camp is the square notes that Dr. Savage taught us about.
  • Learning new songs was the most interesting thing.
  • How to pronounce Giancarlo’s name.
  • Learning to serve
  • I learned that people are not always exactly what they seem to be at first.  Some people just need a friend.
  • I think the music on the back of our shirts has been there for 150 years (or 20 years, I don’t remember)
  • The most interesting thing so far has been going to the shop.
  • People can see two things without their glasses if they need it.
  • I think everything is interesting so far.
  • I learned how to make better vowels.  I have learned a lot of new games!


What’s your favorite song?

  • Gloria Tibi (9)
  • Ave Maria (6)
  • Gloria Tibi and Jubilate Deo
  • My favorite song is “Thou that art so fair and bright” because it is peaceful
  • Kyrie eleison by Boaz Avni
  • Thou That Art So Fair and Bright
  • So far, Agnus Dei, Ave Maria, and Gloria Tibi.
  • My favorite song is Gloria Tibi because I think it is a fun song to sing and I like the different parts that we have.
  • My favorite song is obviously the Gloria Tibi.  It’s so much fun with all the parts.
  • My favorite song is the Boaz Avni Kyrie or Ave Maria.
  • Gloria Tibi because it’s bouncy and fun and ALTO POWER! is awesome.
  • My favorite song is Gloria Tibi because it is a really fun and cool song.
  • My favorite song that I learned was Gloria Tibi by Leonard Bernstein and the Liturgy of the Roman Mass
  • My two favorite songs are 1) Thou That Art So Fair and Bright and 2) Gloria Tibi
  • I have two favorite songs:  Gloria Tibi and the Ave Maria.  They are both so beautiful!
  • One of my favorite songs is the Boaz Avni Agnus Dei.
  • As the Birds of the Air
  • My favorite song is Ave Maria.  When I sang it, it touched my heart.
  • I couldn’t choose my favorite song, so I choose 3:  Ubi caritas, Thou That Art So Fair and Bright, and Agnus Dei.
  • Missa Brevis Agnus Dei.


What did you learn about the Cathedral Kitchen today?

  • They have a lot of people who eat there.
  • I learned that everything you do can make a difference for others.
  • That they get 4,000-5,000 people a month!
  • That working with friends makes the job fun.
  • My first restaurant experience.  Work isn’t fun.
  • I really appreciated working in the kitchen, because it not only helped people out but it brought us together as children of God and as singers (even though we weren’t singing).  However, I think I would appreciate more if we could see the fruits of our labor.  I will try to remember tonight, at dinner what we did for those people, no matter how big or small.
  • I want to volunteer there.
  • I learned how fun and easy serving the poor can be at the kitchen!
  • In the Cathedral Kitchen we learned that they served over 150 people for dinner and we packed 40 lunches for people too.
  • In the Kitchen I felt really good because we were all working hard to help those in need.
  • That in the sack lunches they get Girl Scout cookies AND M&M’s.
  • I learned that the Kitchen can do lots of different food.
  • It was fun setting tables and filling sacks.  Those gloves were tight!
  • In the Cathedral Kitchen they have to do a lot of work to feed the homeless.  They feed over 150 people every night.
  • I think I got better at cooperating.
  • I learned that the Cathedral Kitchen serves about 150 people a day and I thought that that was really amazing of them to do that.  I love Camp so far.
  • I learned to be patient and helpful.
  • I learned that when a lot of people gather to help feed the poor, you feel very satisfied.  The work that they do is simply amazing and wonderful.  I was glad to do whatever I could to help.
  • I learned more ways to serve.
  • I learned how to make a lunch!  Step 1: Applesauce.  Step 2:  Two crackers.  Step 3:  M&M’s.  Step 4:  4 cookie things.
  • I learned how it works to prepare bags of food.
  • I learned that when many people come together things get done very fast and I think that it’s so beautiful that so many people volunteer at the food kitchen every day because they want to help those in need!
  • I really liked working at the Cathedral Kitchen, I was a part of quality control.
  • I learned that everyone doing a little bit can accomplish big things.  Everyone helped set the tables, and make to-go bags, and when everyone helped out, the work wasn’t hard.
  • I learned that the kitchen makes 150 dinners every day (that’s so much food!).
  • What I learned was that it sounds boring but when you start it’s actually fun.
  • It’s fun to set up there.
    I learned that a lot of hands make light work.  If everyone has the same amount of work, we can finish the job more easily and efficiently.


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