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The US is a country of immigrants.
Almost all of our families came here from somewhere else.
Where is your family from? When did they come here?
What language did they speak in their home country?

Choir Camp 2013 begins!

All smiles as the day begins!

On our way to the Chapel for Morning Prayer.  We'll start each day with prayer, offering our day to God.

Father Ryan talked about the inscription in the Cathedral oculus (skylight), which is our theme for this week:  I AM IN YOUR MIDST AS ONE WHO SERVES.  Do you remember what his first idea was for what to write on the gold band in the skylight?

"His name forever be blessed, who lives, and loves, and saves!"

After Morning Prayer, we went to the Cathedral to look at the skylight and read the inscription.

LUNCH!  A great time to reconnect with old friends and make new ones!

Don't you love it when someone tells you to smile when your mouth is full?!

The young ladies of Jubilate! have volunteered to help us with Choir Camp this week.

After lunch, Mr. Joe Cotton, the Cathedral's new youth minister, taught us some crazy games.

"Knee to knee!"

"Foot to shoulder!"

"You're it!"
And do you remember... "Elephant, surfer, bowl of jelly, bop-bop-boppity"?
(You just had to be there.)

Working on new music (and our vowel shapes) with Ms. Sunde.

The Cathedral "Bombarde" returns this year.  These young men support us on the piano, keyboard, and organ throughout the week.

How we felt at our midday check-in:
tired - tired - dehydrated - can't wait - having fun - excited - satisfaction
artsycraftsy - full - happy! - glad - everything


So very SOPRANO!

Snack time!

Going "shopping" is a special treat!

See you tomorrow, campers!

Special thanks to Mrs. Johnson for photos of a fun day!


How do you serve now?  What more could you do to help others?

  • I do service by singing in church and using my talents to make others see the love of God.  I hope someday I can be a professional singer to share the light of Christ and love of music to all the people.
  • I read stories to my siblings even though I don’t want to or I am too tired because my mom is busy doing something.  I finished a job someone else didn’t do. 
  • I could help by helping my sister and family when they are sick or don’t feel up to do something I can do.
  • In Girl Scouts, we do community service.  In Leadership Club in 5th grade, we did a food drive and went to We Day Seattle to learn about how we can make a difference worldwide.  At church, my family helps—I’m in choir and I read, my sister  is in choir, and my mom is a reader.  I can help by being confident and open-minded when I go to Middle school for the first time this year.
  • I think service is helping my mom every year with getting food for the poor and helping my grandma clean and cook.
  • I help my sister practice piano and help my mom with her projects and making breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • I go to the St. Martin de Porres homeless shelter and bring food, prepare it, and serve it to the homeless people.
  • Serving at St. James during Mass, singing for Skyline at Choir Camp.
  • My family gives away things we don’t need any more and I should think more and try more.  I can try more at school to make friends with people who don’t have any friends.  When my little sibling is born I can help by doing chores without complaint, and do things I know need to be done without being asked.
  • I serve at St. James during Mass.  I help my mom when she is sick.
  • I feel that being a server (as to serve people and God) would be like when I helped out at a homeless shelter and when I made dinner for my local church’s priest.  I love the feeling I get after.  It’s as if my heart gets drowned with love and happiness.  Also, the people at St. James are amazing too, Like Ms. Sunde, Ms. Gilmore, Jubilate!, Dr. Kraus, and especially Dr. Savage.
  • My school does monthly food drives.
  • Almost each year on my birthday I don’t get presents at my birthday parties.  Instead, I raise money for the Solanus Casey Center.  Last year I raised close to $105 dollars.  I am going to keep doing that.
  • I think I serve by being a good student at school, but I could serve better by raising my hand more for answering questions I know.  I think service means just doing your best for everyone.
  • I watch my brothers and sisters when my mom is sick.
  • Apparently, I am an inspiration to some people, to not be sad.  They say that my energetic, loud personality makes people laugh and be happy.  So if I can do that, it makes me feel good, and want to keep helping people.
  • I could be more helpful at my house, school, and church. 
  • I do serve in some ways.  But I should do more.  To serve God, friends, and family is important so I think I should pray and “get my voice out” as well as help my mom and dad with things, and be a good friend.
  • I think service to others is pretty much helping with little things:  homework, notes, making food, donating to those who don’t have enough.  Some things I do for service are cleaning the kitchen, getting ice when someone is hurt and comforting friends and family.
  • Help the hungry and homeless by donating food and clothes, donate money at church, sorting out my books and donating the ones I don’t want so that others can enjoy them.
  • My family makes eggs for St. Martin’s shelter.  When my dad is away, I help my mom around the house.  I help my mom with the traffic circle.
  • I could be responsible and useful or cooperate and be comforting.
  • I sometimes serve by making tea for my mom.  Sometimes I serve by getting my lunch for my friends.  I also serve by not being mean to friends and family.  Once, I served by making coffee for my dad.  Another time, I made sandwiches for the poor.  I serve by helping out.  Sometimes I serve by going to church.
  • My family gives food to St. Vincent de Paul but we also do the Rice Bowl.  I think I use my singing voice to cheer people up.
  • To help, to walk someone’s dog, to help someone cook, to help family.
  • How I try to serve in my community is by altar serving in my parish.  I think it’s fun to serve at Mass and serve our priest.
  • The whole story:  My parents and I have a ton of stuff we don’t need, and some, we don’t even use!  Well, to get on with the story.  My parents and I are moving at the end of this August, before school starts.  Since we’re moving, we have a good opportunity to go through our things, some, we don’t even remember owning.  We give things that we own that we don’t need to Goodwill.  I think the service I provide to others is giving.
  • Service is the good you do for others to help or to be kind such as watching your siblings or altar serving.  It is also the joy of your service that may encourage others to do service to others.  Service may also be the way you thank our God and creator for things or time.  Service is a bit like the definition of love which is to do for one another what is good whether or not you feel like it.  So service is a good work for others.
  • I try to be a leader to help others do good.  I would like to help out at a soup kitchen.  I think Ms. Sunde is an awesome example of service, also. 
  • Serving can mean many things:  being a good friend, helping someone in need or even just listening to someone’s problems.  I think that we all serve in some way even if it just means smiling at someone new and introducing yourself and I think a lot of that went on today on the first day of choir camp.  I think that we all could do something to serve more and I think that it might help to look up to our older family members and the saints like St. James for an example.  Serving can mean many different things.  I think that I and all the other people who help with the music at St. James are serving.
  • I think that one thing I do to help people is to talk to my friends, and, most often, let my friends talk to me about things they’re having trouble with.  I think that I’m a pretty good listener.
  • To be of service to me, is, helping my mom when she is feeling tired to do something and when she is taking care of my little sister.  Ms. Stacey, Mr. Kassey and the other people at the Cathedral is why I came here.  But, my mom is the one who helped me to sing every day.  Thank you, mom.

How did you feel when you came to Camp this morning?

  • When I came to Choir Camp this morning I was excited to see what our theme was this year (our new T-shirts are my favorite color) and meet many new friends—Margaret, Divaa, and Eliza and many more.  I really like singing and learning how to sing.
  • At the beginning of the day I was nervous because it was the first time singing in front of the choir out of the 5 years I’ve been here.
  • I was really excited but to tell the truth I was kind of nervous.  But the people here were really kind and made me feel at home, especially Grace, Emily, Bella, and Kathleen.
  • I felt very tired at the beginning of the day, but seeing all my friends woke me up and I really hope my last time as a camper is awesome!
  • I enjoy being here even though I was not sure before I came.
  • This morning I was nervous and excited to be a part of this.  I think that this will enforce my belief and help me to understand at get closer to God.
  • This morning, I felt a bit nervous, super excited, and just felt that it was good to be back.
  • I was really excited today because I love to sing and I have a great desk partner.  Even though she’s new, she’s a really great friend already.
  • It is going awesome.  I hope tomorrow is too.  I hope this week is AWESOME.



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