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Please be patient... photos may take a few moments to download.

Click here to view an album of preparations for the Centennial Celebration!
NEW!  View the article and album at the Catholic Northwest Progress
NEW!  View a slide show of photos by Mike Penney (PDF format)

Archbishop Brunett and Bishop Tyson
On the steps of the rectory, Archbishop Brunett and Bishop Tyson watched the procession of more than 400 parish representatives, sisters, and ecumenical leaders, and 100 priests.  Archbishop Brunett carried the historic Blanchet crosier.

Centennial Celebration
Women from the Swinomish and Lummi nations led the procession.

Centennial Celebration
Two young people from St. Aloysius take their place in the procession.

Procession lines up around the block

Centennial Celebration
The Knights of Columbus, together with the Order of Malta, the Order of the Holy Sepulchre (see picture below), and the Knights of Peter Claver, formed a dramatic honor guard.

Centennial Celebration

Procession July 25
The Polish Community from St. Margaret's parish carry their wonderful hand-painted banner featuring Our Lady of Czestochowa.  www.photobymike.com

Centennial Celebration
Here, the Knights and Ladies of Peter Claver flank the stairs during the great procession.

Centennial Celebration

Centennial Celebration
More than 100 of the priests of the Archdiocese of Seattle watch the procession from the steps of the Pastoral Outreach Center.

Centennial Celebration
Women religious, including Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace, Sisters of Providence, Tacoma Dominicans, Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart, and Carmelite Nuns--all orders who have had a special connection with St. James Cathedral over the years--join in the procession.

Centennial Celebration
In the vestibule, servers give honor to a reliquary bust of St. James, which contains a true relic of our heavenly patron.

Centennial Celebration
The Deacons of the Mass, Deacon Eckert and Deacon Warfield.  Deacon Joe Curtis also assisted at the Mass.

As the parishes entered, their banners were placed at the piers.  The special banner stands were engineered by sacristan David Olsen.  www.photobymike.com

Centennial Celebration

Centennial Celebration
Father William Gallagher, pastor of St. James Cathedral from 1973-1988.  Father Gallagher was also present at the Golden Jubilee of the Cathedral in 1957!

Centennial Celebration
Five bishops joined in the celebration--Archbishop Brunett, our retired Archbishop Hunthausen, Bishop Joe Tyson, as well as visiting bishops--Archbishop Hurley of Anchorage and Bishop Connolly of Baker.

Archbishop Brunett enters the Cathedral

Centennial Celebration
The Cathedral was packed for this historic celebration.  Representatives of more than 100 parishes, Cathedral parishioners, ecumenical leaders, civic leaders, and hundreds more all joined together in praise and thanksgiving.

Ecumenical and Interfaith Leaders
We were privileged to welcome leaders from many Christian churches as well as interfaith representatives.  www.photobymike.com

Sprinkling Rite
Father Ryan and Archbishop Brunett sprinkled the assembly with the holy water that recalls our baptism.  www.photobymike.com

Dedication Candle Lighting
Representatives of many cultural communities prepare for the procession to light the dedication candles. www.photobymike.com

Centennial Celebration
During the Gloria, the dedication candles were lit.

Centennial Celebration
Archbishop Brunett said:  "all who come to this Cathedral have their eyes drawn heavenward to its glass oculus, this eye in the center of the Cathedral.  And what do they see? They see in writing the solemn pledge and covenant of Jesus growing from his Passover meal.  I am in your midst as one who serves.”

Archbishop Brunett preaching
Read Archbishop's entire homily here www.photobymike.com

Centennial Celebration
Women religious read the prayers of intercession.

Centennial Celebration

Centennial Celebration
There is no better way to give thanks than the celebration of the Eucharist, our sign of faith and bread of life.

Crowded Cathedral

Centennial Celebration
At the conclusion of the Mass, Father Ryan offered an invitation to the reception.  He said:  "After 100 years, the Cathedral still holds its surprises and secrets.  And one of them is the cornerstone... After months of searching, we still don't know where it is.  And maybe we're not supposed to.  Maybe this is a metaphor because Christ is the true Cornerstone of this place and the people who come here to pray and to serve are the living stones of the Cathedral--more important than any bricks or marble, glass or bronze.  You are those people and you make this a blessed and holy place--with or without a granite cornerstone!"

Centennial Celebration
James "the Greatest" joined in the procession at the end of Mass.

James the Greatest

Centennial Celebration

Centennial Celebration
After Mass, people came up for a closer look at the wonderful variety of banners created by parishes.

Reception following the Mass
And after the Mass--fresh-squeezed lemonade, ice cream, strawberry shortcake, a brass band, and centennial souvenirs!

Reception following the Mass

Centennial Celebration

Centennial Party
Seattle Police Officer Kevin Smith--shown here with Father Ryan--sports an authentic SPD uniform from the turn of the century.  www.photobymike.com

Centennial Celebration
Hundreds and hundreds of people signed the beautiful Centennial scroll which will be placed in a Centennial time capsule high in the Cathedral's north tower.

Preparing for the Centennial
Archbishop Brunett and Bishop Tyson were the first to sign the Centennial scroll.

Centennial Celebration
Sister Frances Wink came from Portland for the celebration, and Archbishop Hunthausen from faraway Montana!  They are joined here by Marianne Cote.

View photos of the preparations here

Download a PDF of the Order of Celebration here
View an album with more photos at the Seattle P-I

Photos by M. Laughlin unless otherwise indicated


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