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          We are about to listen to the Word of God.

          Sometimes, the scripture readings we hear in Church can seem far away.  They arose out of another community, another time and place.  But when the scriptures are proclaimed in the Church, we are not just retelling old stories.  This is not about history; this is about now.  The scriptures are God speaking to us today.

          How do the scriptures come to life?  When we not only hear them, but let them in, with all their comfort, and all their challenge. 

          The Church invites us to get involved in the readings.  Today, as you hear the scriptures, put yourself in the story.  Imagine the time, the place, the people.  Hear the words as though for the first time.  Who do you identify with in today s scriptures?  What questions do the readings raise for you?  Are there words today that console you?  Are there words you find it hard to listen to?  How is God speaking to you, to us, to the Church and the world, through the readings today?

          The Church asks us to listen to the readings during the Mass not to read along, not to study, but to listen.  Why?  Because, to quote the Second Vatican Council, Christ himself speaks when the Scriptures are proclaimed in the Church.

          Christ is speaking so let us listen.


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