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          We have listened to God s word, and now we come to the altar.

          As the servers prepare the altar, let us prepare our hearts.  As the collection and the bread and wine are brought to the altar, let us offer something more:  our lives, our selves.

          Think about all that has happened since the last time you were at Mass.  What things are you thankful for?  Bring them to the altar today.  What are your disappointments and failures?  Bring them to the altar.  Who are the people in your life who need to be lifted up in prayer?  Bring them to the altar.  What doubts and grief and concern for the future do you bring with you today?  Bring them to the altar, offer them to God.  As the bread and wine are lifted up, to be transformed into the body and blood of Christ, let us ask God to transform all that we have offered and then God will give our offering back to us, changed into something new and wonderful.

          At this altar, we do not just receive the Body of Christ.  We become the Body of Christ.  And we let our lives be blessed, broken, and shared, even as the bread is broken and the wine poured out in this great sacrament.  Here, Lord, is my life.  I place it on the altar today.  Use it as you will.  

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