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          Jesus Christ is in our midst.  He is here because he loves us:  he wants to remain in us, and he wants us to remain in him.

          This sacred meal that we share is not just a remembrance of the past: here, the past becomes present.  This meal is not symbolic.  It is not a metaphor.  It is a sacred reality.  For in this sacrament of his Body and Blood, Jesus is truly present.

          In a few moments, we will join the procession to receive Holy Communion.  The minister will say, The Body of Christ.   And we will respond, Amen.   When we say Amen, we are saying, yes, I believe!  I believe, Lord, that you are coming to me under the appearance of bread and wine.   And there is more.  When we say Amen, we are also saying yes to becoming Christ s Body in the world.  In this mystery of our faith, we become what we receive - the Body of Christ.  We become members of Christ, and of one another.

          And that is why, just before communion, we call on God as our Father not my Father, but our Father.  We exchange a sign of peace and reconciliation, and we receive, through each other, the peace of Christ who is in our midst as one who serves.

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