Tabernacle & Blessed Sacrament Chapel

The Blessed Sacrament Chapel houses the tabernacle, where the consecrated hosts from the Mass – the body of Christ – are kept, to be taken to the sick, the homebound, and the imprisoned, and for the adoration of the faithful.  The sanctuary lamp, which hangs outside the Chapel to denote the presence of the Blessed Sacrament, dates from 1907.  The relief carving of the Last Supper on the wall of this Chapel was formerly part of the 1907 high altar of the Cathedral.

Detail of the Tabernacle

The tabernacle itself is the work of sculptor Ulrich Henn, who also created the Ceremonial Bronze Doors of the Cathedral.  It suggests the story of the burning bush (Exodus 3:5).  Just as Moses encountered God, mysteriously present where the bush was on fire, yet not consumed, so the faithful come here to encounter the living Christ, who is truly present in the sacrament of his body and blood.