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Dear Friends,
In a parish as diverse as ours, there are many diverse points of view regarding the outcome of Tuesday’s election.  Some of us are very happy--elated, even--about the election of our new president, and others of us are deeply concerned and saddened. In that regard, we probably don’t differ much from the national landscape, although our Catholic Christian values do give us a unique perspective.
At this early date, there is no way of knowing for certain how any of us will be affected by the election, but this much is certain and I need to say it clearly: the high priority St. James Cathedral parish has long placed on serving the poor, the homeless, the marginalized and the mentally ill and advocating on their behalf will not change; nor will our deep commitment to reach out to immigrants, refugees, and their families, both documented and undocumented; nor will our commitment to fight the evils of racism and sexism; nor will our commitment to help our young people receive a quality Catholic education. If anything, we will intensify our efforts in all these areas.
And as your pastor, I need to say that, in a time of deep divisions in our country, it is essential that we be strongly united as a parish - respectful of each other, respectful of our differences, willing to dialogue, willing to learn from each other. There is no other way if we are to be faithful to the gospel of Jesus Christ.
We need to pray, too, for our President-elect and for all elected officials.
Lastly, we must continue to pray with each other and for each other as we draw comfort from our faith and allow ourselves to be challenged by the often uncomfortable demands of the gospel.

Father Michael G. Ryan

P.S. The Mass for the Deceased Homeless tonight at 5:30pm will be a wonderful opportunity to be in prayerful solidarity with each other and with the poorest in our midst.  



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