In Your Midst
The Pew Next To You
October 98

Rachael and Tyrone Heade are a couple with their own favorite pew, but often one or the other steps out of the pew to lead a procession into or out of the Cathedral. At Sunday Masses, Rachael, as a dismissal leader for R.C.I.A. (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults), leads those preparing to become members of the church out of the Cathedral over to the rectory for a prayerful discussion of the scripture readings and homily.

As the Cathedral piper in residence, Tyrone has played the Highland bagpipes at many liturgies, including the first Mass in the newly restored and renovated building, numerous weddings, and at the funeral Mass for Archbishop Thomas J. Murphy.

Tyrone, with 10 other members of the Elliott Bay Pipe Band, piped in the new year in 1998 at the Cathedral Concert and they are a treasured part of the annual Corpus Christi procession.

Since weddings are a point of interest in this issue of In Your Midst, Rachael and Tyrone were not only married in St. James Cathedral on January 29, 1994, but they actually met here! Rachael was entering the church through the R.C.I.A. program and Tyrone was an R.C.I.A. sponsor and lector. They met where else - at a Sunday coffee hour!

Rachael, a director in the Transportation Services of the City of Everett, has been active in the Cathedral's Street Fairs, Trinkets & Treasures, Social Concerns Committee and Homelessness Project. She is also a muffin maker/baker for the Sunday coffee hours.

Rachael's favorite volunteer project is one she does with Tyrone. It is a night just before Christmas when a group of parishioners gather for the "Greening of the Cathedral." They string enormous lengths of fragrant cedar garlands throughout the upper areas of the Cathedral.

Tyrone, who started off his career with a degree in niche marketing and applied persuasion, has happily for the past four-and-a-half years been the developer and chief piper for Bagpipe Entertainment. He learned to play as a youngster in Oregon and has his grandfather's Irish war pipes.

Tyrone is a founding member of the Elliott Bay Pipe Band and heads Iona Abbey, a quintet of pipes, fiddle and Irish drum.

Tyrone teaches music and he has played for commercial dedications, on mountain tops, on ships at sea, at backyard barbecues and at clam bakes. Tyrone says his most requested song is "Amazing Grace."

Betty Hill has been trying out pews at St. James for over 50 years. She has lived in the parish since she came to Seattle and was married to John Hill in the Chapel in 1956. Betty taught school and John was at engineer at Boeing. They were, both active at St. James in the Legion of Mary and enjoyed leading tours of the Cathedral. John died in 1982.

Betty, with another long-time parishioner, Jo Lass were named the first lay eucharistic ministers in 1976. Betty continues to Minister at daily Miss and on Sundays. She was quite pleased to acknowledge that she was the first woman lay lector, a ministry she enjoyed for several years.

Betty continues to be generous with her time. She currently volunteers at the Puget Sound Blood Center and supplies sandwiches for the homeless through St. James' outreach program.

While traveling in Europe this spring, Betty had the chance to check out other pews in St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna. The home pews win.

Joan Collin has been a member of the R.C.I.A. team, working oneon-one to help bring individuals into the Church. She has served in other capacities too by facilitating religious education, programs on the spirituality of prayer as well as peace and justice issues.

Joan is a native of Brooklyn, N.Y. When walking to her grandmother's house, she passed by the home of Dorothy Day, journalist, pacifist and co-founder of the Catholic Work movement. Joan didn't know she was doing so until many years later.

Joan was in California when a priest friend told her about L' Arche, the community that establishes homes for the developmentally disabled and welcomes them into loving familial communities. She was looking for a community With spiritual focus and has been a member of L' Arche here in Seattle for almost 10 years,

Joan recently moved to Stamford, Connecticut to be near her son's family, especially her granddaughter Sophie. However, her creative and handcrafted cards are still available at the Cathedral Bookstore.

Joan McDonell, a Seattle Times' editor, is a parishioner of St. James, a volunteer and member of the Cathedral Development Committee.

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