In Memoriam
The Most Reverend Thomas J. Murphy

He came among us only ten years ago but left a mark on us that will last forever. He adopted as his motto words boldly proclaimed at the Second Vatican Council, "In Christ, joy and Hope." Tirelessly, and with every ounce of his celebrated energy, he brought those words to life and gave them meaning. In doing so, he gave life to all of us, and joy and hope.

Archbishop Murphy was a bishop for all people and for all of Western Washington, but it was our privilege at St. James Cathedral to be his home. Time after time, in the simple magnificence of the cathedral which he loved so well - at all the great moments, the glorious ones as well as the tragic he led us in prayer, called us to compassion, challenged us to live the Gospel by serving the least of our sisters and brothers.

The Archbishop's mortal remains have been laid to rest in the heart of St. James Cathedral in the crypt near the altar. Generations to come will be reminded of this gentle yet dynamic shepherd whose legacy will endure in the ongoing life of this church he served so faithfully and so well.

Father Michael G. Ryan

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