St. James Says "Thank You" To Sister Frances Wink

Sister Frances Sister Frances Wink, SNJM, Religious Education Director for the past 15 years, is making a career change. Having guided over 1,000 children, youth and adults through their faith journey via the RCIA program, our children's religious education program and Renew, Sister Frances will be moving into private practice in the area of spiritual direction later this summer. A native of Seattle, Sister Frances grew up on Capitol Hill and attended St. Joseph Parish. Before coming to St. James, she was involved in faith formation work at her community in Marylhurst, Oregon. Today staff members, friends and parishioners take a look back at the contributions Sr. Frances has made to our parish and the relationships within our community which she has built and nurtured. On behalf of everyone whose life has been touched by this generous and kind spirit, thank you, Sister Frances.

When I first came to St. James, straight out of the seminary, a woman walked up to me and handed me a copy of an article she had cut out of America Magazine about homilies, commenting that she just thought I might like to read it. I remember being impressed by the pure thoughtfulness of that simple act. The woman was Frances Wink and since that time I have seen many occasions that have been graced by her thoughtful acts.
- Father Richard Ward, St. James Cathedral

Sister Frances Wink and I arrived at St. James within a few days of each other in August, 1982. At that time, we were of similar size and build with still a few strands of dark hair, and many parishioners mixed us up. I learned a lot about Frances from the warm and thankful comments of others that I received but were really meant for her Frances, you are special, a true friend, and a deeply spiritual woman. I'm delighted that you will still be around to share your great talents.
- Sister Anne Herkenrath

Sister Frances Sister Frances assists Fr. Ryan during a baptism at St. James Cathedral
Sister Frances is an inspiring, gifted preacher of God's word ... a very prayerful woman, welcoming, gracious and sensitive. She has always been so very kind to me.
- Carolyn Lassek

God has given Sister Frances many gifts, but the ones that come most to my mind are her quiet wisdom, her down-to-earth holiness, and her wonderful ability to listen to people and to affirm. Holding all these together is her delightful Irish sense of humor!
- Father Michael G. Ryan, Pastor, St. James Cathedral

Frances Wink is person who loves God and his people deeply, and brings this passion for faith into her work in religious education. Her spirituality and relationship with God and the Church serves as a model for all those coming in the Catholic Church through RCIA.
- Paul Fiorino, St. Therese Parish

When I think of Sister Frances, her wonderful gentleness comes to mind. In a world where most of us seem too busy to even notice anyone else, Sister Frances is always genuinely happy to see you and she has a way of listening to you that makes you believe that you are the only one in the world that matters.
- Monesa Grant

Frances Wink has been a good, good friend of mine for a loooong time. Over 30 years in fact. She is a dynamically creative person who combines imagination and sensitivity to successfully help others achieve their spiritual goals. Caring, dedicated, kind - all that and a whole lot of fun, too.
- Father Peter Chirico, St. James Cathedral

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