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Music makes me, me!

May 2012

Our young musicians reflect on the power of sacred music 

Stacey Sunde, Director of Youth Music, recently invited our young musicians of the Schola Cantorum and Jubilate! to reflect on what making sacred music means to them.

Music changes how I view things in the world.  It is inspiring and challenges me to be the best I can be. I love choir because of the friendships and memories made in between all the beautiful music being created.  Through learning new music and singing I grow to new heights and learn life-changing lessons through melodies.  I would never trade the time in choir for anything else in the world; music at St. James is priceless. (Gloria)

For me music has been a huge part of my life.  I sing all the time, everywhere I go, I sing.  Music is my passion, something I can’t live without!  I want to continue singing, listening and contribute to all genres of music.  I plan to pursue music as I continue to move on in school.  I plan to have music always and everywhere in my life. (McKenna)

Singing helped me go through the pain knowing my mom had cancer.  Music helps me learn.  And I love music. Through music, I have met so many amazing people, and it has also helped me be closer to God. (Basia)

Singing is important to me because when I sing it’s the only time I can be open to myself and others.  It makes me feel alive and free.  Schola Cantorum is a way I can make friends with the same interests as me.  Fun doesn’t even describe how amazing Schola Cantorum is!  (Alliyana)

What I love about singing is the learning experience of it, but in a different way than most.  Just as individual as every snowflake to touch the ground, everyone’s voice is unique to themselves.  However, in choir, we learn how to develop them to their fullest potential.  This is the learning experience.  In life, we all have unique talents, but they are most beautiful when they work together. (Gabriel)

I love singing because anyone can do it, it does not matter where you come from.  Singing lets you get out all your emotions.  If you are happy, you can sing loud and clear.  If you are sad, you can sing slow and meaningfully.  You can sing whenever you want to.  I love love singing because you can express your feelings. (Mimi)

Singing helps me increase my relationship with God!  Singing makes me enjoy and pray that makes me happy!  Singing makes me feel like I can express myself other than just singing to make others happy! (Gabriela)

The reason I come to choir is because it is fun and it makes me happy.  I like singing because I feel good.  It clears my mind from all the stuff that I don’t like to do when I get home, like doing the chores. (Jake)

Music can help you when you are sad or depressed because singing can calm you down.  I come to choir because when I am here I can be myself. (Kaylee)

Music is how I express myself.  I used to think I could never learn to sing, but choir has taught me I can!  Music has helped me through my hardest moments in life, and without it I believe I wouldn’t be the same.  Music is my life. (Kellen)

Singing to me is an enjoyable way to express emotions and to come together and forget about other things to make music for others to hear.  What it does for me is helping me relax and to lower stress. (Reno)

I like to sing because it’s fun.  Singing is also something that you can do anywhere; the car, your house, church, everywhere!  Singing is also something you can do with friends, and make friends while doing it.  Singing helps me bond with my parents, and helps me to enlighten others with God’s wonderful news.  Also, you can sing all of your life, which is what I plan to do.  Singing is fun, relaxing, while challenging and stressful.  The main reason I still sing is because after you finish a hard piece, there is a new confidence, that “I can do this” feeling is why I do, and will continue to sing. (Marta)

Singing is an immense feeling that swells up inside of me; a feeling of joy, a feeling of passion.  Instead of speaking a beautiful prayer, singing is an ideal way to further its brilliance, to raise it up to God.  Through singing, I praise God in a unique and dynamic way.  I feel that simple, solitary pieces are the most moving because it is like speaking to God in a raw, pure form.  On the contrary, I also feel that fast-paced, complicated pieces, the composer is trying to master the brilliance of God through music.  As for my favorite composer or music, I cannot decide, for many pieces I absolutely adore! (Mary Elizabeth)

When I sing I feel happy because I am doing something I’m passionate about and means a lot to me.  I have always been passionate about music and hope to continue singing my whole life.  Music is my life.  I also like performing in front of others because I like to show others my love for music.  (Carmen)

When I sing I feel confident and I feel like nothing can bring me down.  Singing has… led me to meet my bestest friends, helped me express myself, taught me anything’s possible, showed me God’s true love for me.  I love to sing.  I have grown and learned so much from singing.  I wouldn’t be me without singing! (Sarah)

I love to sing because it’s just really fun and I enjoy it.  Music of all kinds brings out different emotions in me.  I’ve had songs that made me cry and songs that make me hopeful and happy.  They’re like short stories about different things in life. (Anon.)

Music is so inspiring. Music can speak for me when words simply cannot.  Because of music, I have met so many amazing people.  Musid is my life, and it makes things much more beautiful, in many different ways.  That’s why I love it. (Allie)
There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t have a song stuck in my head.  Even though it can get extremely annoying, I wouldn’t’ have it any other way. Music makes me, me!  (Kathryn)

When I sing, I feel a special connection with God.  I know that I’m meant to sing for God, and I think that it makes him happy; so I give the best that I can, joyfully to Jesus.  I want to spend my whole life singing for God. (Anon.)


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