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Cathedral Almanac

July 2010

Snapshots of life at St. James, February - July, 2010

18.  Our Catechumens participated in the Rite of Election, during which they were presented to Archbishop Brunett and formally enrolled their names in the Book of the Elect.
14.  We celebrated the second of the three Scrutiny rites with our Elect at the 10:00am Mass this Sunday.
24.  On the 30th anniversary of his death, we celebrated the life and witness of Archbishop Oscar Romero.
25.  Catholics from across the Archdiocese gathered for the Chrism Mass.  This year, our homilist was Archbishop Kurtz of Louisville, Kentucky.
28.  Palm Sunday, the great commemoration of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, marked the beginning of Holy Week.
2.  On Good Friday, we were privileged to welcome Professor Lawrence Cunningham, who offered reflections on the Seven Last Words of Christ at our traditional “Tre Ore” service.
4Easter Sunday! In his homily for today, Father Ryan said: “We need to celebrate Easter this year. We do. We need a renewal of hope.  With those courageous, faithful women, we need to find the stone rolled back and the tomb empty.  With Peter and John, we need to bend down and see the linen wrappings, and to hear from the two men in dazzling white that question of all questions: ‘Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here!  He is risen!’”
13.  A special adult faith formation event, World Religions, began today and continued through May 18.  This highly popular series, led by Tim Malone, included visits to an orthodox Christian church, a mosque, and a synagogue.
18.  Beginning this 3rd Sunday of Easter, and continuing through the Easter season, we entered more deeply into the celebration of the Eucharist with Believe, Celebrate, Live.  The series included spoken meditations at Mass, bulletin inserts, and reflection questions.
18.  In his homily for today, Father Ryan addressed the crisis of confidence in the Church as the scandal of child sexual abuse made headlines in the world press: “My friends, Peter’s call is now the Church’s call.  And why should the Church--the whole Church, leaders and led--expect better or easier treatment than Peter got?  Why should the Church, the whole Church, not be willing to let go and follow in Peter’s footsteps, confident that, while God may indeed take us to places we’d sooner not go, those places will, in the end be the very places we’re supposed to go?”
21.  There were 40 participants in the Spring Blood Drive, for a total potential benefit of up to 81 different patients.
1.  We celebrated the Funeral Mass of longtime Cathedral parishioner, and one-time Cathedral organist, James Impett.
1.  The Song of Songs Festival began with an organ concert by Cathedral organist Joseph Adam. The festival continued throughout the month with musical events as well as an art exhibit in the Cathedral Chapel, all celebrating the great Old Testament Song of Songs.
2. We celebrated First Holy Communion with twenty-three Cathedral children.
5.  We celebrated a Mass in honor of Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice with the O’Dea High School student body and faculty.
8. Bishop Tyson presided at the celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation with thirty-four young people and adults.
14.  The entire parish began a special novena for the gifts of the Holy Spirit in this time of crisis in our universal Church, and change in our local church, as we await the appointment of Archbishop Brunett’s successor.
16.  Four sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary—Sister Kathleen Hearn, Sister Mary Garvin, Sister Janet Ryan, and Sister Judy Ryan—celebrated their Golden Jubilee of religious profession. Sister Judy Ryan offered reflections today:  “Our life is not understandable to many. It’s meant to be a prophetic challenge to the individualist and consumerist values of our society; and likewise, a prophetic challenge to our church, whenever its leadership clings to power and status, putting the survival of institutional structures over and above the Gospel and mission of Jesus. And what keeps us going?:  prayer, listening, trying to see as God sees, believing that God is at work in us and in you, the God who reminds and encourages us: ‘Look, I am doing something new…now it emerges… can you not see it?’”
16.  We celebrated Emblem Sunday as Catholic Scouts from across the Archdiocese received their religious emblems.
20.  Our Senior Tea is a fun annual event which brings our Cathedral seniors together for prayer and fellowship.
27.  We celebrated the Baccalaureate Mass for Holy Names Academy.
2.  We were privileged once again to host the O’Dea High School Baccalaureate Mass. 
6.  We celebrated the great feast of Corpus Christi with a festive procession with the Blessed Sacrament.
10.  Our annual Celebration of Ministries gathered some 270 (of more than 1,100!) Cathedral volunteers for a festive celebration.  Parishioners Marilyn and Armandino Batali once again provided the wonderful meal.
11.  During our weekly ecumenical prayer with music from Taizé, we prayed in a special way for a greater respect for our earth in response to the Gulf Oil catastrophe.
12.  In the afternoon, we celebrated the Seattle University Baccalaureate Mass.
12.  Archbishop Brunett ordained four men to the priesthood:  Fathers Joseph Altenhofen, Francisco Cancino, Matthew Oakland, and Nicholas Wichert.
13.  The Cathedral’s Health and Healing Ministry and Eco-Justice Group brought us our 5th Annual Health Fair: Nurture Nature—Nurture Health.  At the 10 o’clock Mass Jessie Dye of Earth Ministry presented the Cathedral with a special honor—we’ve been designated a “Greening Congregation.”  See article in this issue.
27.  We were privileged to welcome the Deacons of the Archdiocese of Seattle to a special Vespers service.  Archbishop Brunett presided.
19.  Thirteen Cathedral teens participated in this summer’s Youth Migrant Project, a wonderful service opportunity which gives kids a chance to understand the challenges faced by migrant workers in our own state.  


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