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Cathedral Almanac

Sept. 2009

Snapshots of life at St. James, March, 2009-August, 2009

24.  Our Lenten Bible Study in the Year of St. Paul focused on St. Paul’s letters.
24.  Parishioner Darcey McAllister, a Human Resources professional, offered a special series of workshops on finding employment in tough economic times.  The five-week series covered everything from writing resumes to interview techniques.
5.  On Palm Sunday, we set out on the great journey of Holy Week with the traditional blessing of the palms and procession.  This year, even the weather cooperated!
9.  On Holy Thursday, we gather for the solemn remembrance of the night Jesus gave himself to us in the Eucharist.  In his homily tonight, Father Ryan said, “This night is holy unlike any other.  This is the night of the New Commandment.  This is the night when Jesus is in our midst as ‘one who serves.’  This is the night when we become what we receive.  This is the night when the impossible becomes possible, when we begin to love one another as He has loved us!”
10.  On Good Friday, Father Robert Barron of the University of St Mary of the Lake in Mundelein, Illinois, powerfully preached the Seven Last Words at the Tre Ore service.  The service also featured a newly-commissioned musical work, Northwest composer Patrick Stoyanovich’s Seven Last Words.
11.  At the Great Easter Vigil on the night of Holy Saturday, our fifteen Elect were baptized, confirmed, and received Holy Communion for the first time.
12.  At the beautiful Masses of Easter Sunday, we saw the biggest crowds in years.  In his homily for today, Father Ryan said, “the triumph of Jesus over death assures us that our world and our lives will make sense in the long run, even if they sometimes seem to be spinning out of control.  The march of history will not end in some cruel joke even if along the way there are tragic detours.  The final word in our personal pilgrimage and in the story of the human family will be a word of light and life.”
16.  We hosted a special service remembering the Holocaust, Yom HaShoah.  This service gathered leaders of many faiths for an evening of prayer, song, and remembrance.
27.  At the Young Organists Festival, five young organists had the opportunity to perform on the Cathedral’s great organs.  The artists included our own parishioner, Thomas Varas, 16.
First Communion 20093.  The Environmental Health Fair, sponsored by our EcoJustice Group and Health and Healing Ministry, featured dozens of exhibitors highlighting everything from acupuncture to toothbrushes.
4.  Parishioner Nathan Standifer led a three-week retreat on discerning our gifts.  The series helped participants identify and reflect on their spiritual gifts in this Year of St. Paul.
17.  Twenty-three children made their First Holy Communion today.
23.  Bishop Eusebio Elizondo joined us for a memorable celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation.
27.  O’Dea High School celebrated its 84th annual Baccalaureate at St. James Cathedral.
28.  The Holy Names Academy Baccalaureate was held this afternoon.
31.  On the great feast of Pentecost, Father Ryan said in his homily:  “The same Spirit that set the disciples of Jesus on fire is alive in us, too—maybe a little dormant, but alive.  There is only one thing in the way: our fear.  May the fire of God’s Spirit and the transforming power of the Eucharist we now celebrate, consume our fears and truly set us free!”
4.  The annual Celebration of Ministries Dinner was held in Cathedral Hall.  More than 300 Cathedral volunteers gathered for a wonderful meal, the gift of parishioners Armandino and Marilyn Batali.
6.  We were privileged to welcome Father Ben Beltran, who gave a powerful presentation on his work with the poorest of the poor at “Smokey Mountain” in the Philippines.
13.  Five men were ordained to the Priesthood today, including our own parishioner Todd Strange (see the article on page 10 of this issue).
Corpus Christi Procession 200914.  On Corpus Christi, we celebrated the traditional procession with the Blessed Sacrament following the 10:00am Mass.  Father Ryan concluded his homily with these words:  “like the sacraments that require words but not too many, this feast of the Body and Blood of Christ requires works of love more than words of love.  As we bask in the loving warmth of God’s embrace, let us bring that embrace to a waiting world.”  Father Todd Strange offered his Mass of Thanksgiving at Noon. He said:  “Let’s face it, the Eucharist brings together people who might otherwise have nothing to do with each other. That we manage to stick together, what more proof is needed to tell us that this Body and Blood is indeed miraculous.”
26.  We celebrated the Funeral Mass of Joan McDonell.  In the evening, Archbishop Brunett offered a Mass in memory the deceased bishops of the Archdiocese of Seattle on the anniversary of Archbishop Murphy’s death.
27.  We celebrated the Funeral Mass of Linda Condes.
3.  Our first ever Women’s Summer Shelter began, in cooperation with Noel House.
12.  We were invited to an Open House at the new Frederic Ozanam House for formerly homeless men.  The beautiful new facility, directly across the street from the Cathedral, houses fifty-six men.
16.  We celebrated the Funeral Mass of our longtime parish deacon, Joseph Curtis.
24.  Bishop Eusebio Elizondo celebrated his 25th anniversary of ordination with a special Mass in the Cathedral.
26.  We celebrated the Feast of our Patron, James the Greater, and our annual parish picnic on Terry Avenue.
9.  Our third annual “Cornerstone Brunch” honored those who have indicated to us that they have remembered the Cathedral in their will.
10-14, 16.  Choir Camp culminated with a presentation of the Play of Daniel.


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