In Your Midst

Top Ten Ways to Spend Your Rebate

April 2008

by Larry Brouse, with illustrations by Steve Harrold

Many of us will be receiving an “Economic Stimulus” tax rebate check from the Federal Government in the next few weeks. Just in case you are having trouble coming up with a way to “stimulate the local economy,” here are ten (admittedly biased) suggestions:
10.   Buy a CD player for a homebound senior parishioner.
9. Help a homeless family move into an apartment with a gift to the Hunthausen Fund.
8. Provide a meat entrée for the Cathedral Kitchen.
7. Buy copies of the ESL Cookbook for all your friends.
6. Give a child a scholarship for the Children’s Music Program.
5. Provide Metro bus tickets to be given out by the Solanus Casey Center.
4. Buy a few tankfuls of gas for the Parish vans.
3. Double your Annual Catholic Appeal pledge.
2. Help underwrite the cost of teaching  materials for our Sunday School.
1. Drop a really big check into the collection basket next Sunday.

Top Ten Ways to Spend Your Rebate

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