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Xmas 2007

Well, you wonder how Jesus was born?  Then read this story!

By Josh, age 12This fall, the children of our Children’s Faith Formation programs took some time to imagine what it would be like to be an Evangelist, and to tell others about Jesus.  Through words and pictures, they told the familiar Christmas story in their own way.  The story begins long before the birth of Jesus, when Joachim and Anna, Mary’s parents, hear some good news from an angel…

One day there were two old people.  Their names were Anna and Joachim.  God was very good to them, except that Anna and Joachim were childless!  This caused them a great sadness.  Every day Joachim went to the hills to pray, while Anna was walking in the garden.  She saw a nest with baby birds in it.  She began to cry because she was childless.  An angel appeared to her and said, “Anna, your prayers have been heard.  You shall give birth to a daughter, and she shall be blessed throughout the world.”  When time passed, Mary grew up. 
Solommon, age 9

Mary’s cousin, Elizabeth, and her husband Zechariah are longing to have a child, but they are growing old and Zechariah has lost hope.

Zechariah belongs to the priestly division.  His wife Elizabeth was a descendant of Aaron.  They were both very old, and Elizabeth is unable to have a baby.  Then while Zechariah was serving God he was chosen to visit the Temple.  As he goes into the temple he meets an angel that tells him his wife shall have a son who is going to be a model to others, and bring them to the land of God.  Zechariah didn’t believe the angel so he said you shall be unable to speak until the baby is born.
James, age 12
The angel Gabriel tells good news to Zechariah.  The angel told Zechariah that his wife Elizabeth will bear a child who will be named John.  He is never to take wine or any fermented drink and John will be filled with the Holy Spirit even from birth.  Zechariah does not believe this story so he is unable to speak until the baby is born.  The baby will bring goodness to the world.
Vincent, age 13
Back in the time when Herod was the king of Judea, there was a man named Zechariah.  Zechariah was the husband of Elizabeth.  Now Zechariah and his wife were both well along in age and Elizabeth was unable to have children.  One day when Zechariah was in the temple an angel came to him, and told him that his wife was going to have a baby.  Zechariah did not believe the angel, so the angel told him that “since you didn’t believe me, you will not be able to speak until the time comes.”
Megan, age 12

By Ingrid, age 9When the time is right, the Angel Gabriel comes to Mary, the humble maiden of Nazareth, with some amazing news.  What was Mary doing when the angel appeared?  How did she feel?

Long ago there was a little girl.  Her name is Mary.  When Mary grew up, Gabriel came and told her, “Hail you are full of grace the Lord be with you blessed are you among women.”  Mary did not know what this meant.  “How can this be?” she asked.  “That is impossible!”  The angel said, “God’s Holy Spirit will come upon you, you shall give birth to a baby boy, his name will be Jesus, Son of the Most High, Son of God.”  “That can’t be true,” said Mary.  “Nothing is impossible with God,” said the angel.  “Let all you say be true,” said Mary, and then Gabriel left her.
Solommon, age 9
One day, Mary was sitting in her garden and was very surprised to see an angel named Gabriel right next to her.  He said, “Do not worry about your baby.  You shall name him Jesus.”  Mary was very stunned.  Then he left.
Ingrid, age 9
One day Mary was washing dishes and Joseph sleeping, and an angel appeared to Mary and said, you will have a baby.  Mary was surprised and said, I am not even married, that is impossible.  No, it is not, it is God’s command.  Then let it happen!
Zacarra, age 9
One day Mary was working in the garden, but then an angel named Gabriel told Mary to give birth to the baby that is to be named Jesus.  Mary was surprised.  She said, “How can it be?”  Gabriel said not to worry about anything because the Holy Spirit will do it.  Then Mary said, “I am the servant of God, and will do it.”  With that, the angel left.
Uyen, age 8
While Mary was working in the garden, an angel named Gabriel flew down and told her that she was going to have a baby named Jesus, and Mary said, she was not married yet, and Gabriel told her that the Holy Spirit would help her.  And she said yes!  Gabriel was going to disappear so she looked at what he looked like.  He wore a robe and had blond hair.
Anna, age 8½
One day Mary was sitting in her garden and she saw a reflection in the water.  She looked up and saw an angel.  Mary was very surprised and Mary asked, “What is your name?”  “My name is Gabriel,” in a very loud voice, then he said, “Do not worry, you shall marry Joseph and name the baby Jesus.”  And Mary said, “If that was God’s will, then yes.”  And the angel disappeared, like you’re blowing sand off your hand, and without a word, Gabriel vanished.  And Mary looked back at the water, watching the frogs.
Sydney, age 8

Meanwhile, Joseph is worried.  Is Mary telling the truth?  How can he know for sure?By Maria, age 10

Mary had a kid.  Joseph left.  He met an angel.  The angel said it was okay to marry Mary because the baby was to be named Jesus which means God saves.  So Joseph went back and married Mary.
Kai, age 8
Joseph was dreaming in the middle of the night.  He had a weird dream.  It was about an angel who told him, “you must marry Mary, she is pregnant now, do as you are told,” said the angel.  “How can this be?” asked Joseph.  “She has been gifted by the Lord,” said the angel.  “Oh,” said Joseph.  “I will be watching,” said the angel.  “Also, you should name him Jesus,” said the angel.  “I will do as I am told,” said Joseph.
Noah, age 8
Joseph was getting married to Mary.  It was an arranged marriage.  He saw that Mary was with child when she came back from her Cousin Elizabeth. Joseph thought that Mary was cheating on him so he wanted to divorce her.  The Angel Gabriel came to Joseph and said she was with child by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Nicholas, age 11
Jesus was born because Mary was engaged to Joseph and she was going to have a baby by God.  Joseph was going to divorce quietly to Mary but an angel came to him and told him that the baby was named Jesus and he will save people from their sins.  And the Lord’s promise came true.
Lucia, age 11
Once there was a man named Joseph.  He had a wife named Mary.  He learned that she was pregnant even before they had lived together.  Joseph was going to quietly divorce her.  That night he had a dream in which an angel came to him and said:  Mary has conceived by the Holy Spirit.  She will have a son and you will name him Jesus.  Do not divorce her.
Kate, age 11

By Kate, age 7Mary and Joseph make the difficult journey to Bethlehem.  What happens when they reach Bethlehem?  How do they feel when they learn that all the inns are full?

Holy Mary Mother of God and Joseph have to go to Bethlehem so that they can get their baby.  He is born in a stable in a cradle shaped manger because he is little and there are no more cribs.  Holy Mary wrapped the baby in scraggly clothes.  When the night became the angels fluttered down and told the shepherds there was good news because a baby was born. The Angel was in Bethlehem and wanted to tell all the people.  The Shepherds went on and on trying to find their way to the star through the forest.
Eavan, age 4 ½
Mary heard she was going to have a baby and that they were going to be in danger.  I think they felt very scared and worried because they knew nobody there and they didn’t know where to stay.
Christina, age 9
Well, you wonder how Jesus was born, then read this story.  When it was back in the A. D., the Romans took a new city.  They issued that each man and woman would have to go to their home town to get registered.  On the way, a man and woman named Joseph and Mary were engaged for marriage.  While heading to their hometown, Mary was full with child.  It wasn’t no ordinary child.  It was God’s chosen Son, the Savior, who people were expecting to help them win wars, but this child was a man of peace.
Collins, age 10
Born in a manger—motels were full.
Hayley, age 11
When the time came for Jesus to be born, Joseph took Mary on a donkey to Bethlehem.  They went to the inn.  But there was no place but the stable and Mary gave birth to Jesus there.
Solommon, age 9

By Isabelle, age 10A star shines in the sky over Bethlehem.  The angels announce the birth of Jesus to the shepherds.  What do angels look like?  How would you feel if you saw one?

An angel came and told the shepherds to go to Bethlehem and see the baby Jesus who was born.
Michael, age 6

The shepherd saw this light.  The light was an angel.  The angel told him good news, that there was an infant named Jesus and he was Lord.
Anthony, age 6
The shepherd saw lightning.  He was scared, but the light said, “Do not be afraid.”  The angel had good news.  It was Jesus’ birthday.
Nathaniel, age 6
The shepherd is in a field.  He saw an angel and it was scary.  The angel said he had good news about Jesus and the shepherd was happy.
Peter, age 6

The shepherds were not the only ones who saw the star.  Three wise men from far away followed the star all the way to Bethlehem.  How did they get there?  What did they see on the way?

There were once some astronomers that saw a star that gave them a prediction into the future that the newborn baby of Mary will be the King of the Jews.  They had to have a meeting with Mary.
Alden, age 9
The three wise men got off their camels and went to where Jesus was.
Bennett, age 6
The three wise men followed the star on camels to see baby Jesus.
Cameron, age 7

By Bridget, age 10Jesus is born!  But Mary and Joseph’s troubles are far from over. Herod is angry and afraid of losing his power.  Warned in a dream, Joseph leads Mary and Jesus into Egypt.

Quickly after the wise men left, an angel visited Joseph in a dream.  “Take Mary and Jesus and go at once to Egypt.  Herod’s men are looking for Jesus.  If they find Jesus, they will kill him.  There is no time to lose.” Joseph woke up and told Mary what they had to do.  They quickly packed up and left for Egypt.  They took a long trip through a cold desert.  It was hard for them, but God was leading the way so they knew they were safe.  When they got to Egypt, they were very poor.  They had no money or food.
When Herod figured out that the wise men tricked him, he was very mad.  He ordered that every male child in and near Bethelehem under the age of two be killed.  And his men obeyed.  It was hard even for some of his men to handle, because it was so sad.  Soon after, Herod died.  An angel again visited Joseph in a dream.  “Your worries are no more, you may return to Bethlehem,” the angel said.
Eugenie, age 10
Joseph and Mary go to Egypt to get away from the death of Jesus.  I think Joseph and Mary felt bittersweet because they are helping God, and bad because to do this they lose everything but family.  Mary and Joseph hardly ate anything because they had hardly enough money to buy food, water, shelter.  I think the weather could have been very cold (sometimes), mostly lots of hot weather which might have been very dusty and thirsty.  During the night when on their trip they slept on the ground and during the day Joseph walked the donkey and Mary rode on the donkey.  I think all of this happened because this is how life is and sometimes it is that way.
Katie, age 10
Joseph is very loyal to Mary.  Joseph, Mary, and Jesus probably were hot.  Joseph and Mary probably were scared, worried, stressed, joy, hot.  Maybe they dug to get water.  The weather probably was muggy, hot, sandy, windy, and humid.  The angel probably felt excited, nervous, and happy.  Joseph and Mary probably went on a donkey.  Joseph and Mary probably traveled by day, and a little bit of night.
Bridget, age 10
By Eugenie, age 10I heard that before Jesus was born, King Herod was afraid to lose control.  How did they get to Egypt?  Animals, camels, donkeys, and sometimes walked.
Molly, age 10
When Joseph was asleep in his dream, he heard an angel say to him, “Leave and go to Egypt.  Herod is going to kill Jesus.”  So when it was night, Joseph, Mary, and the baby Jesus went on a donkey to Egypt.
Maria, age 9
I heard about the story of the flight into Egypt.  In the story, Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus fled the city.  Mary, Joseph, and Jesus felt worried and nervous about the news that Herod would kill every child under two years old.  I think they would travel by donkeys or camels.  Maybe they would eat scraps off the ground.  I think they would drink water puddles, found in plants.  I think they got there by walking and resting on the way.
Jess, age 9
As Mary and Joseph is sleeping, a holy angel appears in Joseph’s dream.  The holy angel warned Joseph to travel north into Egypt, and because of the dream, Joseph awoke.  Joseph woke up Mary and told her what the angel warned him about.  Quietly, Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus traveled north into the lands of Egypt.
Timmy, age 9

The youngest children wrote Christmas letters to Baby Jesus.  What gift will you give to the child Jesus this year?

Dear Baby Jesus, I will give you a hot ice cream to keep you warm.  And also a new blanket.  God, I love you!  I hope I get to see you.
Shennet, age 5
Baby Jesus, when you grow up, I will give you a race car.
Diego, age 5
I love Jesus. I want to give you a teddy bear.
Ashley, age 5
Why did Jesus not have a bed like mine?
Jocelyn, age 5 

By Mae, age 8

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