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Xmas 2006


Feast of St. James23.  Feast of St. James and Parish Picnic.  We celebrated the feast of our beloved patron with great solemnity.  This year, at the parish picnic, we also celebrated with Father Ryan his 40th anniversary of ordination (see July 2006 issue).  In his homily for the day, Father Ryan said:  “on this feast of our heavenly patron, let us give thanks to God for our faith in Jesus Christ and for giving us St. James to be our patron and guide along the great pilgrimage of faith. And let us give thanks for this parish, this incredible community of faith – this blessed yet motley troop of fellow pilgrims – earthen vessels each of us, but chosen vessels, carrying a priceless treasure wherever we go, a treasure whose surpassing power comes from God and not from us!”  Read Father Ryan's homily here.

26.  Interfaith Prayer for Peace.  Representatives of Jewish, Christian, and Islamic faiths came together at St. James Cathedral to pray for peace in the Middle East.  Some 300 gathered for this simple service of prayer, meditation, and song.


Choir Camp 20067-11.  Choir Camp.  This year’s Choir Camp was the biggest and best ever, with more than 30 young people spending five exciting days at St. James Cathedral, learning about prayer, procession, and music.  “Singing is an amazing way to pray,” one camper wrote.  “When you praise God in a song it has so much more power than just praying.  You can gather together or just sing by yourself, but it always works, no matter who you are or how you sing.”

21.  Bishop Joseph Tyson celebrated the Funeral Mass for Officer Joselito Barber, a young Seattle Police Officer killed in a tragic auto collision while on duty.


7-10.  The Cathedral Choir entered into a three-day retreat before their memorable return to the Sunday 10 o’clock Mass.

22.  The 10th Annual Archbishop Raymond G. Hunthausen Charity Golf Tournament was held at the Newcastle Golf Club this year. A huge thank you to Jeff Meder, tournament chair, and to all our sponsors.  The tournament raised about $50,000 to support the Cathedral’s mission in the heart of Seattle.


1.  First Sunday Youth Celebration. Children’s Faith Formation classes began after their summer hiatus.  Children, parents, and catechists received a special blessing at the Noon Mass.

Taize at St James Cathedral4-7.  We were privileged to welcome Brother John of Taizé, who led us in days of prayer and renewal, beginning with Mass and a simple supper on Wednesday evening and concluding Friday night with a special prayer for peace and reconciliation.  (See article in this journal.)

2.  God is Love.  A four-week series of lectures from parishioner Perry Lorenzo explored Pope Benedict XVI’s first encyclical, Deus Caritas Est.

21.  Bishop Joseph Tyson celebrated a special Mass with the Hungarian community of Seattle on the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution.

24.  More than 400 people gathered for a lecture on the Dead Sea Scrolls with noted biblical scholar Father John Endres, SJ.

27.  Archbishop Brunett offered the traditional “Red Mass” for local alumni of Gonzaga University Law School.


All Souls Day 20062.  All Souls Day. The Cathedral Choir presented Mozart’s matchless Requiem in the context of the solemn Mass of All Souls. In his homily for this evening, Father Ryan said, “We who have blessed with Christian faith are able to view life’s contradictions, life’s most troubling mysteries, in a way others cannot.  We are able to look at the puzzling interplay between sadness and joy, between pain and peace, between death and life and see there no more and no less than what happened to Jesus.”  Read Father Ryan's homily here.

4.  Liturgy Day.  Each year, the Cathedral’s ushers, Ministers of Holy Communion, readers, and Emmaus companions gather for a day of prayer and renewal. t


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