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March 2005

Evan Davis

Over six years ago, the three young Davis brothers, Evan, Matt and Paul (then 14, 11 and 8) joined the Sunday 10 o’clock Mass altar servers team as consistently faithful members. Now at 20, 17 and 14, college and high school has interrupted their steady presence. They are the sons of Connie and Bob Davis of Normandy Park. Connie and Bob moved here from the East Coast in 1977 and Connie joined the Cathedral choir in 1980. Connie sang with St. Patrick’s Cathedral Choir in New York City before coming to St. James, but she was quick to add that the St. James Cathedral Choir is far superior. Connie and Bob have almost the same careers, but in different counties—Connie is with the King County Housing Authority and Bob commutes to Everett for the Snohomish County Housing Authority.

All their sons were born in Seattle and baptized at St. James. Evan was confirmed here and Matt and Paul made their First Eucharist through the St. James Children’s Religious Education program.

Evan is now a sophomore at Washington State University studying microbiology. Like his brothers, Evan is a musician. He started taking lessons in the fifth grade, choosing the saxophone as his instrument. At Kennedy High School, Evan played tenor sax in the school jazz band. This group toured many Catholic parochial schools in the south Seattle area. He tried out the tuba/sousaphone and as a senior was the drum major for the Kennedy Marching Band. The WSU marching band is now Evan’s favorite. “All my best friends are in the band, most of us live in the same apartment complex and we hang out together each day.”

On the studious side at WSU, Evan is a lab assistant to the Director of the School of Molecular Biosciences. He would like to get a master’s and/or doctorate in microbiology or a related field of research in pathology/human disease.

Last summer, Evan worked as a counselor for children 4 to 13 years old at the Woodland Park Zoo. Besides learning about the zoo inhabitants, the children learned about conservation.

Matt and Paul Davis

Matt is a senior at Kennedy High and will find out this month if he has been accepted at the University of Pennsylvania. He has been accepted at the UW, but UPenn is his first choice as it has an outstanding course in digital animation, the area Matt intends to follow. His family refers to him as the Math Whiz. He is a commended National Merit Scholar and skipped a year in high school.

Matt’s interests are eclectic. He is the first chair clarinetist in his high school symphonic orchestra and plays in the marching band. For several years he has been active at the Seattle Children’s Theatre where he builds sets and works backstage during performances. When asked if he helps design the scenery, Matt said he is always sketching. He draws editorial cartoons for the Kennedy paper, Profile.

Matt likes to take on new challenges: In 2002 and 2004, Matt and his family participated in the Kennedy High School foreign-student exchange with German students. In the spring of 2002, Phillip Kerschbowm spent several weeks in the Davis home and in the summer Matt stayed at Phillip’s home in Pastetter. The next exchange student was Christopher Höhl of Plening. Both German communities are near Munich. Matt said he really liked his fellow students and thoroughly enjoyed the families, plus Germany is very beautiful. Matt didn’t talk about what he does in his spare time, but I don’t think he could have much!

Paul is waiting to enter Kennedy High after graduation this June from the Sylvester Middle School. Connie says Paul wasn’t born with a soccer ball, but from age three on, that was and is his game. And like his brothers, he does very well at games and at school. Paul the musician is a drummer and a percussionist. He has even helped out at Kennedy a few times. At present he and his friends are in a “garage band” with the perfect name, Organized Chaos.

As to being such a reliable altar server, Paul said, “I like it. Since we are going to be here during Mass, taking part is far better than just sitting. You get to know the other servers, it’s OK. ”

When asked if Paul had a glimmer of what he wanted to do (beyond soccer, drums and school), this wise young person, smiled, shrugged his shoulders and replied, “I am way too young to have to make such a decision.”

Evan summed up his feelings about serving here at St. James and a bit about his family. “Serving at St. James gave me the opportunity to give back to the parish I’ve been going to all my life. I always tell my friends about how smart Matt is and how he has a real bright future. Paul is definitely the most outgoing of the three of us. I don’t think there is a person on the planet that won’t like that kid. Also, it’s amazing how well we get along with each other. My parents are incredibly supportive and were always there for everything we did growing up, and continue to do so as we start leaving for college.”

Joan McDonell is a St. James parishioner, a volunteer in the parish office, and a member of the Development Committee.

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