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July 2005

The holy season of Lent began with the solemn observance of Ash Wednesday.

A parents’ support group was launched. The group will gather parents of young children every Tuesday morning to share ideas and offer support for each other.
16. The Chrism Mass gathered people from all corners of the Archdiocese for the blessing of the oils.
20. With the solemn procession of palms on Palm Sunday, we set out on the journey of Holy Week.  Click here to visit the Holy Week Album.
25. Good Friday. Peggy Steinfels, noted author and commentator, and former editor of Commonweal, offered meditations on the Seven Last Words.
26. Easter Vigil. Nine children and ten adults were baptized at the great Easter Vigil.
27. EASTER. Thousands gathered to celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord. Father Ryan concluded his homily with the words: “Dear friends, could this be the Easter that will take us past all the other ones? Could this be the Easter that, like a near-death experience, will make everything different for us? It could be, you know. It really could. The resurrection changed everything for Jesus. Our baptism can do the same for us!”  Read Father Ryan's homily here.

On the Friday of the Easter Octave, word came of the imminent death of Pope John Paul II.  Visit the John Paul II album.
2. The Death of Pope John Paul II. We received word around Noon of the death of our beloved Holy Father.
8. Funeral of Pope John Paul II in Rome. In Seattle, Archbishop Brunett offered a special Mass at 12:10pm. For more on events relating to the death of Pope John Paul II, see the article in this journal.
10. We began a novena for the gifts of the Holy Spirit on the Church.
11. Construction began on the old Cathedral Convent, soon to be the Pastoral Care Center.
17. On a memorable Sunday afternoon, the Cathedral’s magnificently restored Renaissance altarpiece by Neri di Bicci returned to its home in the Cathedral Chapel in style, with a parade and pageant. Special thanks to Dr. Alec Clowes and Dr. Susan Detweiler, whose generosity made this restoration possible.
18. The historic Conclave began in Rome. In the evening, the Cathedral Chapel hosted a symposium on Renaissance art and welcomed one of the world’s experts on Neri di Bicci, Professor Bruno Santi of Florence, Italy.
19. Habemus papam! The cardinals elect Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, who takes the name Pope Benedict XVI.

Thirty-two children made their First Communion at the Noon Mass.  Visit the album.
15. Pentecost. Father Ryan said: “the Spirit’s fire will never get ignited—life will be business as usual—until we take the Gospel seriously, take it to heart—and then, with the Apostles on Pentecost, take to the streets!”  Read Father Ryan's homily here.
16. Anglican and Roman Catholic clergy gathered in the Cathedral for a Vespers service marking the publication of ARCIC’s Mary: Grace and Hope in Christ, a landmark statement. Our own Archbishop Brunett is the co-chair of this international commission.
29. Corpus Christi. We marked the great solemnity honoring the Holy Body and Blood of Christ with a festive procession after the 10am Mass, concluding with benediction on the steps of Cathedral Place.  Visit the album.

Archbishop Brunett ordained Father Joseph Tyson and Father Eusebio Elizondo auxiliary bishops. “This mandate by Christ to teach with authority in his name has to be lived out in a life that is humble and compassionate,” Archbishop Brunett said. “There is no room for arrogance.”
11. Ordination to the Priesthood. Edward White was ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of Seattle. Visit the album.
19. At the Noon Mass Father David Brant celebrated the 40th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood. Visit the album.
26. We bade farewell to Sister Frances Wink, who is embarking on a new ministry in Portland, Oregon.

Construction began on the Cathedral Courtyard, to be transformed into a new parish gathering space.


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