In Your Midst


July 2004

Who are the nearly 800 volunteers who each year commit thousands of hours of time and service to one or more of our parish ministries? As a whole, their numbers exceed the employee population of most businesses. Their educational backgrounds range from grade school to Ph.D.’s. If you line this crew up side by side you will see black, brown, and white faces smiling at one another, weathered and wrinkled hands of seniors clasping the strong, smooth hands of youth, and old-time Seattleites sharing stories with first generation immigrants.

The incredible diversity and generosity of spirit represented by these Cathedral volunteers is recognized each year in mid-June at the Cathedral’s “Celebration of Ministries” dinner. Started in the 1980’s as an opportunity for staff to express their gratitude to volunteers, this event today is about celebrating who we are as a parish and how we choose to serve. Amid the festive decorations, games, and tables laden with food, hundreds of volunteers gather to share an evening that sets their spirits soaring, reaffirms their passion for service, and leaves them looking forward to another year in ministry.

To all Cathedral volunteers, thank you—800 times.

Left, the reception in full swing in Cathedral Place Hall.  Right, Rosie Valdez and Lerma Ramacho talk across the table.

Left, Sister Claudette greets Max and Kathy Lewis.  Right: after dinner and entertainment, all gather for prayer in the Cathedral.

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