In Your Midst

Praying for the Faithful Departed

November 2003

November is the month we traditionally pray in a special way for the faithful departed and we certainly do that in some moving and memorable ways at St. James Cathedral. The recent All Souls Day Masses are a good example. November, in this Archdiocese, is also Sacrificial Giving month, the time when we ask people to reflect on the ways they support the church by giving of their time, talent, and treasure. In this issue of In Your Midst I thought I would attempt to bring these two themes together by giving prayerful thanks for all the deceased parishioners of St. James whose sacrificial giving did not stop with death. I’m speaking of the generous people who, in gratitude for this parish and all it meant to them, specifically remembered St. James Cathedral when drawing up their Last Will and Testament.

The names of these people are listed prominently on the cover of the bulletin for each of the Sundays of November. They are listed above as well. I hope as you read their names you will remember to pray for them. I will remember them with gratitude at each of the Masses I celebrate during the entire month of November. It seems a fitting way to acknowledge what they have done for this parish. Without their gifts we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. Let me tell you why.

Over the past ten years, bequests amounting to about $3.5 million have been left to St. James Cathedral! This is really quite amazing. But don’t misinterpret this. About 70% of these funds have been needed in order to meet ordinary operating expenses; the remaining 30% has been used for capital improvements including the cathedral renovation of 1994, the Archbishop Murphy Millennium Organ of 1999, and the restoration of the exterior terra cotta and masonry on the cathedral (1998).

The bottom line here is that the cathedral depends on two major sources of income: your generous weekly sacrificial giving offering and the bequests of deceased parishioners. During this month of November, I give thanks for the parishioners who chose to keep on giving to their parish even after God called them home. We should feel very close to them—and be very grateful to them—in the Communion of Saints.

Helen Leonard · Maude D Baudizzone · Katherine Baillargeon · Helen Skahill · Bertha Gladys Giffin · Andy Graytak · Viola M Maloca · Marie M Mallon · Clyde Bennett · Gertrude Wineholt · N Reinhardt · Sara Hennessey · Frances Irene Bisey · Mary Winihan · Charles Harmen · Christine Dolence · Alice Henderson · Arthur Brazil · James Gatling · Harry Folven · Helena Sheridan · Eileen O’Neil · Yvonne L Dupont · Charles Giese · Agnes Holland · Pauline Smith · Eileen Brown · Peggy Leuschen ·Virginia Stewart · David Yozamp · Florence Dassell · Margaret Smith · Kathro Kidwell · Barbara Vance · Marguerite O’Neill · Kenneth “Al” & Bernice Bennett · Anna Arseth · Malvina Foubert · Emil Jobb, MD · Barbara Brown · Edmund S Adams · Robert DeWitt · Marie McLaughlin · Mary C Miller · Margaret & Marie Purtell · John William Warren · Howard Hoyt · Madeline Fishbach · Marion C Smith · Marguerite Campbell-Gambrell · Mary Alice Kirkpatrick · Patricia Callaghan · Mabel Luby · May Har Luke · Faye McTague · Robert E Ricks · Margaret Smith · Wesley Zeman · Carl Sterner van Hollebeke Kevin E Ryan · David Anderson · Marjorie Ryan · Elizabeth Grace Scott · Mary Ann Martin· Jeanette Woodward Elizabeth Hansmann · Marie C Murphy · Lillian Sullivan · Florence Foley · Mary L Forbes · Diane Simperman · Genevieve Albers · Margaret McDonnell · Frances Dorosh · P Martin · Leone Beck · Capitola Rockwell · Joanna Lass · Yvonne J Jackson · Mary S Horrigan · Elsie L Martin · Robert D Hyssop

Father Michael G. Ryan

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