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March 2003

St. James Cathedral parish is blessed with a number of dedicated individuals who volunteer their time to serve on advisory committees and councils within the parish. Some of these committees are temporary and formed for a specific task, while others are ongoing and integral parts of the parish. The consultative groups now operating in our parish include the Pastoral Vision Committee, the Finance Council, and the Development Committee.

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It has been said that “without a vision the people perish.” The Pastoral Vision Committee is a group of parishioners who look to the past, reflect on the present and plan for the future of St. James Cathedral parish. In 1992 the then Parish Pastoral Council formulated a set of goals which focused on faith, teaching, service and our common bond as a community. These goals served for several years as the basis for work and worship at the Cathedral and helped launch the Cathedral’s successful renovation. The Pastoral Vision Committee is the (renamed) successor to that Council. In 1999, the Pastoral Vision Committee met regularly to set our path for the next five years, and in August 2000, they, along with Father Ryan, promulgated the document “Setting Our Path, a Vision Statement for St. James Cathedral in the Great Jubilee Year 2000.” The statement sets forth the parish’s guiding principles in the areas of prayer, faith formation and service. The Pastoral Vision Committee continues to meet annually to assess progress and implementation, and on an ad hoc basis to advise Father Ryan on select issues.

St. James parishioners on the Vision Committee include Robert Taylor-Manning, Mary Bourguignon, Ernie Burgess, John Dolan, Ann Jackson, George Keck, Glenn Lux, Sandi Macdonald, Lita McBride, Cheryl Nance, Jackie O’Ryan, John Pinette, James Savage, and Patrick White.


Financial planning and management may not be the primary requirements that come to mind when considering what consultative body the parish cannot do without. Nevertheless, the only consultative group that is mandated by canon law is the finance council. This group is charged with providing the pastor with professional financial analysis and advice concerning the stewardship of parish fiscal resources. The council conducts long-range

The Parish Finance Council : from the left, Larry Brouse, Glenn Lux, Betsy Mickel, Dave Perozek, Mary Ann Millican, Celeste McDonell, Father Ryan. Not pictured: Henry Grzes, Connie Davis.
financial planning with regard to funding operational and capital needs as well as developing and overseeing the parish budget process resulting in the annual parish budget.

The Finance Council meets monthly to review ongoing financial issues including income and expenses of the previous month, budget analysis and adjustment. Most monthly meetings also include a discussion of such things as the facilities and real estate owned and used by the parish, necessary capital improvements, bequest and gift updates, ongoing development programs and events, and general parish information. The Finance Council members are also ex officio members of the boards for the two Cathedral Endowment funds.

The Finance Council has annual half day retreats which allow the members time for long-range planning. One of the main concerns of the Finance Council has been to ensure that the salaries of Cathedral employees are commensurate with comparable positions not just in the Archdiocese, but in the greater Seattle area.

The Finance Council includes six parishioners with expertise in accounting, business administration, housing, finance and law: Glenn Lux, Connie Davis, Henry Grzes, Celeste McDonell, Betsy Mickel, and Dave Perozek.


The Cathedral Development Committee has established itself to be much more than a fund-raising committee. In concert with its director, Mary Ann Millican, the Development Committee meets quarterly to provide funding sources for ongoing Cathedral programs as well as to determine innovative opportunities for new Cathedral projects and programs. Among a number of other accomplishments, the Development Committee brings us the annual Archbishop Raymond Hunthausen Golf Tournament, the Scholarship Endowment Fund, the Great Evening for Great Music benefit party, the Centennial Committee, and its newest project, the Cathedral Ambassadors, who will be featured in a future issue of In Your Midst.

Parishioners on the Development Committee include Robert Bayersdorfer, Deacon Joe Curtis, John Eshelman, Mary Kay Fitzgerald, Dorr Forbes, Bev Gross, Herbert Hall, Sister Susanne Hartung, SP, Kelly Kavanaugh, Jean Luchi, Joan McDonell, Jeff Meder, Rose Southall, Jack Sullivan, and Rob Taylor-Manning.

Celeste McDonell is an attorney and a member of the Parish Finance Council.

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