In Your Midst


Summer 2002

“I am in your midst as one who serves.” On Saturday morning, Linda Condes stops by the Cathedral. Assistant Sacristan Gerald Macheso takes the consecrated hosts from the tabernacle, and also provides a ‘kit’ containing the other supplies Linda will need for the service.

The team arrives at First Hill Care Center, just a few blocks from the Cathedral.

As the residents gather for the service, Linda lights the candles at the impromptu altar.

For the residents of First Hill Care Center, the Saturday morning service is the spiritual highlight of the week. Between 10 and 20 residents attend the service.

The prayer begins with song. “Amazing Grace” is the general favorite.

Jess and Elizabeth Hernandez join in the prayer service. Today, they help, learn, and ask questions. Soon, they will lead this and similar services on their own.

Resident Helen Griffin regularly attends the service.

At the end of the service the residents have an opportunity to receive Holy Communion.

At the conclusion of the service downstairs, Linda takes communion to those who are unable to leave their rooms. She takes a few minutes to talk and pray with Altonette Stone.

Roberta Grina greets Linda with joy. Together they pray the Our Father. After receiving communion, Roberta tells Linda, “now I feel better.”

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