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Spring 2002

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Last year a dedicated group of young adults laid the foundation for the Young Adults group at St. James Cathedral. Taking their cue from this dedicated group, the Young Adults group is thriving in the new year. Under the guidance of Rosanne Michaels, and with generous contributions of time, energies and talents from the staff at St. James, this group of twenty and thirty-somethings has hit its stride.

Building upon a successful lecture series offered during the 2001 season of Lent, a small steering committee joined forces last fall with the larger young adult community at St. James to plan a long-term vision for this group. Several meetings, many lattés, and even a few pizzas later, we’d identified a format that blends scholarship, service, and fellowship…with lots of opportunities for fun sprinkled throughout! The results include a lecture series held the first Friday of the month, called the First Friday lecture series, addressing issues ranging from Father Ryan’s The Church: Who are we and how did we get here? to Patty Bowman’s Finding God at the Movies. Additional results include bi-monthly community service projects focusing on needs identified in the parish and bi-monthly social gatherings for events as varied as jazz at the EMP to the Sonics at Key Arena.

Young Adults core members, front, from left, Kevin Hitosis, Wil de los Trinos, Pam Shay and Melissa Parales Flores. Top, from left, Christian Tinder and Kristen Gauché.

St. James is a wonderful and vibrant community, but it can sometimes be difficult to find a place at its ever-growing table…a place to connect with others, enjoy fellowship, and share in the challenges of integrating one’s faith into everyday life. In fact, a common thread quickly emerged among those who were asked, “Why is a Young Adult’s Group Important?” Nearly every respondent indicated that they attended Mass regularly, were members of the parish, but were still looking for a way to connect with others. As one participant aptly explained, the lecture series offers young adults a place where they can explore – and even challenge – the issues of their faith in a comfortable environment. The events and activities that this group offers provide a sense of support, fellowship, teaching, and stewardship to young adults who know their spirituality and Catholic faith is an anchor in their lives.

If you’re looking for a place to belong at St. James, we hope you’ll consider joining us soon. The First Friday lecture series meets on the first Friday of each month from 7:30 – 9:00 PM (after Taizé prayer) on the second floor of Cathedral Place. Light snacks and desserts accompany these in-depth talks. For information on these, or any of our community service projects and social outings, please contact Roseanne Michaels, 206-382-2018.

Kristen Gauché is a parishioner and core member of the Youth Group at St. James Cathedral.

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