In Your Midst


Spring 2002

In This Issue:
As Christians, we are asked to share our gifts nearly every day — through our prayers, through acts of kindness to the poor and needy, and through our generous sacrificial offerings at Mass. It is a rare opportunity, however, to leave a legacy which will reach generations and continue God’s work beyond our own lifetime.

In truth, we often don’t even think about how the good works, which we so earnestly support now, will continue after we have died. Should we just trust that someone else will share our passions and values and continue our financial support?

The Cathedral Legacy Society of St. James, a group of volunteers, parishioners, and professionals devoted to providing lasting support for the mission of St. James, has made it not only possible, but easy for you to leave a legacy by providing information and consultation on estate planning and by offering strategies on charitable giving that can bring spiritual and financial rewards to both you the donor and our parish.

While there are many vehicles through which you can institute a planned gift to the church, the Cathedral Legacy Society reminds you that the first step should always be the simplest — the writing of your Last Will and Testament. Because God has called us to a life of stewardship, our will is our final chance to make a significant gift back to God who has been both good and gracious to us. Whether made from limited resources or great affluence, this bequest may become your most important legacy as you impact our faith community for generations to come.

To become a founding member of the Cathedral Legacy Society, please complete the enclosed card indicating your intention to include the Cathedral in your will or estate plan. To receive a copy of the Legacy Society’s Basics of Bequests or Basics of Planned Giving, contact Mary Ann Millican, 206-382-4284.

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