In Your Midst


Nov 2002

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During October and November, a series of inserts in our Sunday bulletin profiled twelve ministries at St. James Cathedral. It was a real privilege for me to interview so many different people, dedicated to serving their neighbors in such a wide variety of ways. They put a human face on the many volunteer opportunities available at St. James Cathedral. These dedicated people are representatives of hundreds more who truly are “in our midst as one who serves.”

Annie Herring.
Cathedral Chorister.
“I sing for Jubilate! as well as for the Cathedral Choir, and I’m also a Taizé cantor. I come to rehearsals on Mondays and Thursdays. I especially enjoy singing at Taizé on Friday evenings—it’s such a different kind of service; I have a lot of fun doing it. It’s wonderful to be able to share the gift of music. People don’t realize how much music affects our daily lives, but it really does and I’m grateful to be able to share that gift with people.” Annie, 16, is a Running Start student at Highline Community College planning to pursue a degree in music.

Azel Shackelford.
“I like the Saturday vigil because of all the visitors who come. I’ve met people from all walks of life and all occupations—they amaze me. If you try to judge a person, they’ll fool you! For me coming week after week is like visiting with family.” Azel is a First Hill native who has ushered at the Saturday 5:30 pm Mass for about 15 years. He works at Boeing. He loves animals and takes care of as many as twenty stray cats.

Ann Jackson.
Emmaus Companion.
“I serve Sunday mornings at the 8 o’clock Mass. Emmaus Companions are there just to listen and be present to those in need, during Mass, or coffee hour, or on the steps of the Cathedral. Sometimes people ask for help, but often I feel spirit-led, just sensing someone who may need someone to be with them. For me, I find I have to let go of any preconceptions I may have about what would be best for someone, and just be a listening presence. This ministry is a real gift for me.” Ann is a retired teacher and full time caregiver.

Peter Cassidy.
Volunteer Chore Ministry.
“Every Sunday I visit Evelyn who is in her mid-80s. I take her flowers, which seems to cheer her up, and then sit and chat for half an hour or so. She’s a big baseball and football fan. I always ask about her health because she’s diabetic and has ups and downs. Then I scrub the kitchen and bathroom floors, and vacuum her one–bedroom apartment for her.” Peter is a merchandise manager at the Bon Marché. He loves to travel. He also serves as a Eucharistic Minister at St. James.

Marilyn Maddeford.
RCIA Sponsor.
“Every Wednesday night I go to RCIA meetings. I like talking with my catechumen or candidate, hearing them ask questions, watching them grow in faith and growing in my own as I walk with them.” Marilyn is enjoying working half time after working full time at the Archdiocese of Seattle for 27 years. She has 7 children, 21 grand-children, and 4 great-grand-children (with 2 more on the way). She also serves as a hospitality minister, making muffins on Sunday mornings.

Joyce and Christopher Sevao.
Youth Music Program.
Christopher says, “On Thursday afternoons after school my mom brings me to the Cathedral for Schola Cantorum practice. I like singing. Sometimes we sing at Mass, too.” Joyce adds, “Christopher can’t wait to get here on Thursdays. I come in early and help Dorlene with attendance. I also help to keep the hallway quiet!” Christopher is in 4th grade at Phantom Lake School, where Joyce works as an educational assistant. His favorite food is cantaloupe.

Susan Decker.
ESL Volunteer.
“I visit my student in her home once a week. She’s an elderly woman from Azerbaijan who has been in this country ten years and is studying to become a U.S. citizen. At each visit after preparing for her citizenship exam we have time for conversation so she can improve her English. Tutoring for ESL has been a tremendous learning experience for me, allowing me to embrace the diverse, multicultural world that Seattle really is.” Susan is a student in the SALT program. She enjoys sailing, reading and knitting.

Tom Tamada.
Audio Tape Ministry.
“I come in before 10 o’clock Mass and set up the digital recorder, hooking up the cables to the Cathedral sound system. I record the Mass, the readings, the homily, the liturgy of the Eucharist. Afterwards, I transfer the digital recording to an audio cassette. I make minor adjustments, editing out long pauses. I leave the master cassette for another volunteer who makes copies of it to send out to the homebound.” Tom works at Rite Aid downtown. He enjoys reading and computers.

John and Evelyn Daly.
Sandwiches for Nightwatch.
“On first and third Tuesdays, Evelyn makes the sandwiches and I bring them to the Cathedral. She bakes brownies occasionally, too, though not all of them make it to the Cathedral! When things get hectic, we’ll get fried chicken at QFC or sandwich rolls at Costco.” John is a retired architect and sculptor. Evelyn enjoys gardening and is learning to play the piano. She is also an ESL volunteer.

Frank Robl.
Daily Mass Reader.
“Wednesday and Saturday mornings I read at the 8:15 Mass. When people say they like the way I read, I always tell them I have good material! It’s a real privilege and an interesting experience to be the mouthpiece for the words. Sometimes in the absence of a priest I’m called on to lead a communion service. Even though we’d always rather have a priest there, for me this is a very prayerful time and a great privilege.” Frank is a general contractor specializing in home remodeling and fine cabinet work. He is also studying the organ.

Andrew Ly.
Cathedral Espresso Barista.
“I arrive at about a quarter to nine and make sure the machine is ready to go. I fill the tanks with fresh water, and grind fresh coffee beans. I enjoy making different drinks for people. I usually stay until a few minutes to ten, when I head over to the Cathedral for Mass.” Andrew is a twelfth grader at Garfield High School. He is a talented pianist and composer. His favorite espresso drink is an almond latte.

Wil de los Trinos.
St. James Young Adults Team Member.
“The great thing about St. James Young Adults is they’re all technologically savvy! We keep in touch via e-mail. So it’s not an ‘every first Sunday’ kind of ministry. We’re all constantly on the lookout for opportunities to connect with young adults and build bridges for them to St. James.” Wil is a nursing student at the UW and hopes to go on to law school. She also helps out on the Confirmation team.

Maria Laughlin is the Cathedral receptionist and author of St. James the Greater, an illustrated history of the Cathedral’s patron.

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