In Your Midst


Summer 2001

In This Issue:
It’s Sunday morning. Mass has just concluded and you emerge from the Cathedral into the summer sunshine. In front of you stands Father Ryan greeting parishioners and welcoming visitors. A friend waves from across the crowd and calls, “See you at coffee hour!”

But you don’t go to coffee hour. For months now you have been sneaking down the street each Sunday after Mass to indulge in a triple grande nonfat ristretto at the local Starbucks. It’s an indulgence, yes, but in a non-religious sense.

Help is here! It’s called Cathedral Espresso. Now you can indulge your pleasures and also visit with friends at the coffee hour. Professionally trained volunteer baristas stand ready to lovingly make your favorite drinks, every thing from a dry cappuccino to a raspberry mocha blush piled high with whipped cream and garnished with ground dark chocolate covered espresso beans. A $2.00 donation per drink is suggested.

Cathedral Espresso will be open at all coffee hours, for special events, and at the upcoming St. James Annual Parish Picnic on July 22nd. If you are interested in mastering the baristas’ lingo along with learning how to make lattes, please call Mary Ann Millican at 206/382-4284.

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