In Your Midst


Spring 2001

In This Issue:
July 2000 – February 2001

“For I tell you,
as long as you did it for one of these,
even the least of my sisters and brothers,
you did it for me.”

Matthew 25

Memorial Offerings made by friends 
and family members provide 
a loving tribute to those 
who have died in the Lord 
by carrying on the ministry of His Church. 
For this we are grateful.

Aurora, Tim & Joshua Fick
Ruth F. Danz

Petronila Almirante
Estelita Razote

Elliot William Cram
Charlene Cram

Osner Durocher
Sr. Lucille Durocher

Pedro & Nieves Escobar
Constancia Escobar

Hedwig Hirth
Gerhard W. Hirth

Mother Jefferson
Jack Arildson
Sam Arildson

Barbara Kula
Catherine Bailey

Joanna Lass
Rev. Victor M. Blazovich
Jim & Amy Doi
Florence Wittman Hughes
Mary C. Myers
Mary A. Santucci
St. Cabrini Auxiliary Gift Shop
Ayako Iky Yamada

Michele Tiesse

Judith Kay Murphy
Ron Murphy

Marie Clark Murphy
Marlin & Ellen Blizinsky
Thomas & Bridget T. Browne
Marianne J. McDonough
Nada Oakley
Elizabeth E. Paynton
Peg Simmons
Associates of WalMart
James & Debra Wilhm

Bernard & Margaret Nehl
Jessica Ellinger

Vicki Scrivanich O’Rourke
Mary M. Denney

Marjorie Pedersen
Catherine Bailey

Gerald Sidwell
Michele Tiesse

Agatha Sokol
Jennifer Sokol

Evalyn Krupp Zipp
Loretta Krupp

Memorial Cards are available for free in the Bookstore or from the parish office. If you are planning the funeral of a loved one and would like to provide the opportunity for friends and guests to make a Memorial Offering, please notify us when you call the Cathedral to arrange the service and cards will be sent to the funeral home.

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